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Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway for The Sales Crime Policeman by David J. Rollins

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How to Avoid the Rejection Blues by David J. Rollins

This an interesting question in today’s market, because it is so easy to self-publish. Not only that, but self-published authors are also certainly gaining more and more recognition.

I have to wonder if an author’s reaction to rejection has more to do with why they write than anything else. If their driving force for writing is to make money, then rejection could be a problem. If it is to gain the adoration of millions of fans, it could be a problem there too. However, if someone writes to create something and express themselves in a truly honest way, then it doesn’t seem like rejection is that big of a deal. It is just part of the journey. I say that from a position of being rejected by almost every publication I submitted to when I as younger, with the exception of a few online E-zines. At the time, I figured if Theodor Geisel could get rejected from over a hundred publishers, I could too. I just hadn’t found that many publishers to submit to yet.

Perhaps this is somewhat cynical, but I feel like the publishing business is a business first and foremost, and publishers are trying to make as much profit as they can. I can’t blame them for that. To be honest, I applaud them for their ability to do that in the changing market. But as a writer, what that means to me is that to get published, I probably need to write like someone else, someone who is successful. I don’t want to write like that. I want to write like me. I recognize that I will probably never have a bestseller. I honestly feel like there is a market for my writing. It’s just not large enough to interest the people trying to make the most money they can.

Also, in today’s market, and I really have nothing to back this up, but I would hazard to guess that it might even be harder to get published by a traditional publisher than it used to be. Since it is so easy for an individual to publish their own book, market themselves and get some exposure, publishers don’t really need to take the risks they might have once taken. I have a feeling that self-publishing has become the training ground, and publishers are looking at who succeeds there to discover the next “new” author instead of taking the risks themselves.

So my humble advice to a writer crumbling under the weight of a mass of rejection notices. Prove them wrong‼ And when you do, make them pay. You will have a lot more leverage as a self-published author with a dedicated audience than you would as an unpublished author with no audience.

The Sales Crime Policeman
By David J. Rollins

Publisher: Quill Kill Publishing
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Length: 265 Pages
Genre: Humor/Satire

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About the book: 

The future is no place to fall in love. 

Amazing advances in technology have all but replaced relationships. People can purchase spouses programmed to their individual tastes and desires, anything from an aversion to expensive guilt gifts to perfumed flatulence. Attachments are even available for the more discriminating customers. Anyone can have anyone they want, as long as they don’t want someone who looks like someone else. That’s against the law. It could also make things a little awkward at social events.

For one man, technology is not enough. He is a Telepathic Vacuum Cleaner Salesperson Policeman, and he wants to fall in love with a real woman. Like most men, he is not perfect. He has no name. He had to give up that up when he became a policeman. He is terribly afraid of roller coasters. And he doesn’t have any attachments.

When he finds the woman of his dreams, she is not what he expected. Like most women, she doesn’t feel the same way about him. She has a spouse certified to be her perfect mate. And she is in prison. The policeman had her arrested, because she is one of the most wanted criminals in his world.

Now, the policeman has to choose between everything he is and everything he wants.

The future is no place to fall in love.

David J. Rollins

David J. Rollins is a paralegal by day, husband by night, and sometimes finds time to write. As a young man, he had had different plans, but that’s the way life works out most of the time.

David has been writing since Seventh Grade. He started with the adventures of Super Pimp and his sidekick Squirt. His hero was Philip K. Dick, who strangely enough did not write about things like Pimps and Squirts. Like any fan, David wanted to follow in his hero’s footsteps. Unlike most fans, he wanted to follow them even after finding out that his hero, at one point in his life, was so poor that he resorted to eating dog food. What David lacked in aspirations, he made up for in determination.

From those humble beginnings, David became the man he is today. He is happier than he ever thought he would be and is living a life he never imagined in his wildest dreams. And that’s the way David’s life worked out. He was and is very lucky.

As further proof of his luck, David has lost every one of the stories about Super Pimp and his sidekick Squirt. He has also never had to eat dog food. 

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  1. Such an interesting post thank you. I'm hoping it comes to the point where it does not matter how a book is published, just that it is a great read.