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Winner's - Love By Design by Jambrea Jo Jones

Congratulations to the Winners of an ebook copy of Love by Design by Jambrea Jo Jones:

Heather B.

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Interview and Contest - Love By Design by Jambrea Jo Jones

Love By Design by Jambrea Jo Jones
Publisher:  Total E Bound


Maria : When did you first know that you could be a writer?

Jambrea :  Well...I wanted to be a writer around the 8th grade. I didn't really think I could be a writer until I got my first acceptance letter.

Maria :  What made you want to be a writer?

Jambrea :  Reading and an active imagination. I always think...what if?

Maria:  Who or what influenced your writing once you began? Do you consider anyone a mentor?

Jambrea:  I think what I read always influences my writing. I really don't think of anyone as a mentor. Not really. But I do have a couple people whom I admire. One would be TA Chase and the other would be Carol Lynne. They are always there when I need a hand or have a question and they are two of the best, in my opinion, m/m writers out there.

 Maria:  What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?

Jambrea:  Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination." Mark Twain Um...I like it because Mark Twain is an awesome writer and I can't spell.  I've always said that spell check is my friend, but even he lets me down sometimes. lol

Maria :  What inspires you to write?

 Jambrea :  People, the world around me and music.

 Maria : What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness as a writer?

Jambrea :  Goodness, I'm quicker with knowing what my weakness is than my strength. I think my greatest weakness is procrastination. And it takes me longer than I think it should for me to write something. Hmm...my strength? Maybe that I'm versatile in what I write? I hope that I have a little something for everyone.

Maria :  Who is your personal favorite author?

Jambrea :  Its a tie. It used to always be TA Chase and it still is, but I've added Carol Lynne. There are plenty more, but those two are the tops.

Maria :  So tell us your latest news.

Jambrea :  My newest release is Love by Design out August 31st from Total e-Bound. I also have a release on Oct. 4th. Total e-Bound is release my story that was in an anthology as a stand alone. I'm very excited about it. I also will have a release soon from Ellora's Cave called Steamy Reunion. I don't have a date for that one yet, but I'm hoping this year. I have a Christmas type story coming out in December from Total e-Bound called Wishing Star and I'm working on a cowboy story for an anthology from Total e-Bound that I'm hoping to get into. It's called A Fistful of Emmett.

Maria :  Why did you choose to write this particular book? What was it's inspiration and is there a particular message you want readers to understand from this book?

Jambrea :  I started writing Love by Design as a contest story. I wanted to do something Sci-Fi and it just took shape from there. The contest was to write a story based on a picture. I ended up added a LOT to this one to make it longer. So the inspiration was the picture. I don't think I have a message. I think if there is one that is for the reader to decide.

Maria:  In conclusion, Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Jambrea:  Here is the blurb and a little unedited excerpt from Love by Design.


A Soldier can be programmed for war, but what about love?

Zeke Andrews and his band of soldiers volunteered to be experimented on by the government to help protect the world from an invading force of aliens.

Is there more to the programs implants than he thought?

An overwhelming urge fills his soul when he meets an intriguing woman.

Could it be science or love? Cassandra Dawson could have the answers. Is Zeke man enough to find them?

Unedited Excerpt:


Zeke Andrews paced his quarters in Rafe Towers, the building that housed the Sentries. It was nice for a barracks and had everything he needed. What was that old saying? If it was needed, it would be issued. That sounded about right.

It was almost time for his guard duty shift, and he was on edge after his meeting. Nothing had happened for weeks, and they were preparing for the worse, afraid this could be the calm before the storm. It seemed as if the Raxioni had gone to ground.

Thomas had said there were rumblings on the magical front that something big was about to happen. Zeke hated how vague the man was, but a Mage couldn’t know everything.

Then he was told he’d have to do field exercises on some new contraction Joseph came up with. He remembered the last debacle. Chuck, the Sentries’ medic, had to be called in to set a few broken bones.

Welcome to my fucked up week. When Joseph had shown the group his ‘flying coat’, Chuck had had the nerve to laugh and tell Zeke he’d prepare a nice bed for him in sick bay. The bastard.

The group had objections to what Zeke really wanted to do. He wanted to go into the streets and root out the aliens. To send them back to where they’d come from.

Zeke stopped in mid-step and went to his closet. The time for contemplation had past. He put on his uniform and made his way to the ammunition's room to pick up his weapon and ‘coat’.

Minutes later, Zeke sat atop Rafe Towers and watched over the city as the sun set. He’d calmed down, the peace of the night seeping in. He didn’t expect any action tonight and was surprised when the tattooed dragon on his shoulder pulsed a warning.

Time to fight, hell yeah.

This was what he’d been made for. His perch on the building lost its appeal with the threat and excitement of danger calling his name. Guard duty usually bored him; he was ready for action. Zeke needed to find the source of the threat. The Mage might be in the lab. He could help with a location spell of some sort. Zeke really had no clue how Thomas did what he did, and he really didn’t care as long as it helped.

The Sentries were equipped with the most hi-tech equipment in the universe, thanks to the scientist who had created them and the Mages who supported them. He turned and headed to the door only to stop at the screeching sound that rose from the street. Seemed as of the Mage wouldn’t be needed after all. The threat presented itself in a woman’s scream. It echoed through Zeke’s body, and he rushed to the ledge to look below.

The woman had rammed her car into one of the Raxioni, but that wasn’t what caught Zeke’s attention. Normally, people ran at the sight of the Raxioni because they were huge hulking brutes who usually carried big swords and weren’t afraid to use them. The woman must be incredibly stupid or incredibly brave. Zeke reserved judgment as the scene unfolded. She stood toe to toe with the Raxioni and yelled something at the beast while her finger jabbed its chest. The monster moved closer to the woman. An attack was imminent. Zeke needed to get in gear before the thing killed her, and he didn’t have time. Shit, he shouldn’t have taken off that damn coat. He raced to the corner to throw the coat back on.

He couldn’t let the woman die. The Raxioni did not tolerate humans at all. Zeke had no idea why this one happened to be on the street alone. They usually travelled in groups to cause chaos.

It must be Zeke’s lucky day because he really didn’t relish taking on a group by himself no matter how much he needed to fight.

The lone Raxioni had to have caused Zeke’s tattoo to pulse its warning. The dragon part of his tattoos always pulsed when the Raxioni were near, a built-in warning system the Mages and scientists had given to each Sentry. The other warnings included an orb to let them know when the planet was under threat and the whole tattoo tingled when Rafe Towers was under attack. The thing had saved his ass a time or two.

Now, it was time to save the woman because it went against his very nature to let a human die. The SE’s were made and trained to protect the innocent. When the creatures landed on Earth, the scientist knew regular military wouldn’t be able to handle the aliens’ brute strength. A super soldier needed to be created. Zeke’s team had volunteered for the experiment and had never looked back. Earth would not fall to the Raxioni. Not if he had anything to stay about it.

No matter how much he wished it was different, he had no time to get his extra gear from the lab. His Sig Sauer P1050 would have to do. Zeke ran and jumped off the seven-storey building. His coat billowed behind him, acting like a small parachute, true to its design. As he drifted down he heard the woman yelling at the beast.

“You killed my sister, you fuck!”


1.  One copy of "Love By Design" will be given to 2 winners

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6.  Contest open to all entries regardless of location.

Good Luck!

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Contest Winner- 1 Romance Ebooks

Congratulations to the Winner:

Nancy G.

I will be contacting Nancy later today with her gift.

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Contest From 1Romance EBooks

So I love to shop for ebooks and a friend suggested that I try 1Romance EBooks several months ago and I was very happy that I did.  This week's releases include the following:


1Romance Ebooks has generously given me a gift certificate/code for $10 for a contest this week. 

Please take a look at their website and see the contest below.

Contest Rules:

1.  Answer the question Who is the "service guy" at 1Romance Ebooks?

2.  Please make sure to include your email address in your post so that you may be contacted if you are the winner.

3.  Contest open to all.

4.  Contest will run from Wednesday, 25-Aug-10 to Midnight on Thursday, 26-Aug-10, with winner being announced on Friday, 27-Aug-10 by noon.

5.  Winner to be chosen using Random.org

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A New Winner

Congratulations to Morning Glow From Novel Addiction -

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Unclaimed Prize Contest

One of the prize winners from the "Friday I'm In Love" contest didn't claim their prize.  So I am again offering up a copy of the eBook "Friday I'm In Love" to one person.  Just leave a comment below and be sure to include your email address so that I can email you when you win. Contest open until 5 PM CST on Friday 20-Aug-10.  Winner to be chosen using Random.Org

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New Release Monday

These are the new releases for Monday from Lyrical Press, Total-E-Bound and Ellora's Cave.  Enjoy!

Ellora's Cave

Under Your Spell

Sporting Wood


The Mediator


His to Have

Heat Of the Night

A Game of Skills

Fire in the Blood

Lyrical Press

About Last Night

Double Dare

Go Forth And Shop! 

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Contest Winners - Friday I'm In Love by Mari Carr

Congratulations to the winners of the ebook copy of "Friday I'm In Love" by Mari Carr:


I will be contacting you ladies later today to get your format preference.

Thanks to everyone who commented and to Ms. Carr for her interview.

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Author Interview And A Contest- Friday I'm In Love by Mari Carr

Friday I'm in Love - Wild Irish Book 5 by Mari Carr

I've known Mari Carr for about a year now and she's one of my favorite authors.  She is part of the International Heat group of authors and a great person to call a friend.  The fifth book in her Wild Irish series is out today and she graciously agreed to do an interview and help me sponsor a contest.  A total of 3 copies of Friday I'm in Love will be provided, one by Ms. Carr and two by me.  Please read the interview and see the contest rules below.


Maria:  How long does it usually take you to write a book?

Mari :  It varies depending on how long the story is or how well the plot is flowing in my mind. I've written quickies (Rekindled and Spitfire) in a weekend. My novel-length historicals have taken years! Typically, I can write a novella in about a month or two and a short novel in two to three months. That includes beta reads and CP corrections.

Maria: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Mari:  Oh my. Only one? Impossible. My writing has been influenced by so many different people over the years. Early influences included Diana Gabaldon and Stephanie Laurens, as I think is obvious by my first series--the June Girls. When I branched out to erotic stories, I patterned myself after Lora Leigh. These days, I'd really like to try a novel-length contemporary romantic comedy series, like Janet Evanovich. As my reading tastes change...so do my mentors.

Maria:  Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Mari:  Wow--you don't believe in making this easy, do you? I can't possibly choose one, but I think I could narrow it down to about a dozen! I love to read, love all types of books, which lends itself to having lots of favorites. I love the YA fantasies of JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyers. I love that Janet Evanovich can always make me laugh with her stories. I think Jayne Rylon and Lexxie Couper write some of the sexiest books out there.

Maria:  What would you say is your "interesting" writing quirk?

Mari:  I write very, very fast. And I always overwrite. I probably write two novellas just to create one because of the sheer volume of words I put to page and then edit out. I'm the queen of back story--a problem my CPs, Rhian Cahill and JR Patrick as well as my editors have worked very hard to beat out of me. I can say something in 4,000 words that most people can get out in ten! LOL

Maria:  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Mari:  That I could actually write a book that a publisher would be willing to buy. For years, my writing was just a hobby, just something for me. I have a stack of rejection letters to prove that too! When Immi at Samhain actually emailed to say she liked Erotic Research, I nearly keeled over. Every day since then has been like living a dream.

Maria:  Any other new releases coming out?

Mari:  Well, I actually have lots of cool things on the horizon and I can't wait to scream about them. My Ellora's Cave editor has accepted and contracted Saturday Night Special, book six in the Wild Irish. It's Riley's story and I'd be lying if I didn't say I wrote all the other stories super fast simply because I couldn't wait to get to her book! It's a cross between I Love Lucy and The Hangover and I laughed the entire time I wrote it. Now I just pray everyone else finds it funny! I just received a release date of September 24th.

Then I have two releases coming out in October. On October 4, I'm adding a new publisher to my resume. Do Over will release at Carina Press. I'm super excited about working there. I love the folks I've talked to and I'm so humbled to be able to call myself one of them! I think Do Over is one of the most romantic stories I've ever written because it doesn't take place at the beginning of a relationship, but rather 25 years in! Troy and Faith are celebrating their anniversary with an erotic trip down memory lane!

My other October release is Happy Hour and it will be the next book in the Black and White Collection of wicked fantasies. Happy Hour is a little bit of everything! A red hot menage and cougar relationship all rolled into one.

Maria:  What's next?

Mari:  I have a few projects I'm planning to work on throughout the remainder of the summer and the fall. I'm currently working on the final book in the Wild Irish series, Any Given Sunday. I also have plans for two more stories in the Do Over trilogy. AND...I recently signed four contracts on a series I'm co-writing with Jayne Rylon for Samhain Publishing. It's called the Compass Brothers series and I'm so thrilled to be working with Jayne on these books. She's an amazing writer!

Excerpt of Friday I'm in Love:

“Why are you tired?”

She closed her eyes and prayed for patience. This was how conversations with Ewan went. He asked a question, she answered, and then he asked more.

“I was reading a really sexy book last night and spent half the night masturbating with my vibrator. All those amazing orgasms can really take it out of you, you know?” She hoped her smart ass comment would embarrass him, shut him up.

She should have known better.

“Shit, Nat. I wish you would have waited. I’m going to be downstairs from you tonight. I can fuck you a helluva lot better than a lousy piece of plastic.”

She’d been given Tristan’s old room on the third floor to sleep in while she was staying with the family, but sleep didn’t seem to be something she was going to be doing much of, especially not after the sexy seed Ewan had just planted.

“In your dreams, kiddo. I don’t play with children,” she said, although she wasn’t all that concerned that he was younger.

For one thing, he didn’t act young, but she supposed that was because he’d been responsible—along with his sister, Keira—for running the restaurant side of his family’s business since graduating from college. Teagan raved about his management abilities and smooth administration. The fun, sexually explicit banter he engaged in with Natalie seemed to be the exception, rather than the norm, and she got the feeling the rest of his family saw him as serious, responsible, staid.

“Thought you weren’t gonna play the age card again?”

“Old habits die hard.”

“You’re quiet today, distant. Why do I get the feeling it’s more than fatigue?”

“I would think you’d be glad I’m quiet. I mean, it’s not as if there’s ever been any love lost between us. You and I are like—”

He looked so genuinely shocked she stopped mid sentence, the words oil and water dying on her tongue.

“No love lost? I’m crazy about you, Nat. You must know that?”

She laughed. “You really are going to have to give up this schoolboy crush. I’ve been nothing but a bitch to you since day one.”

He grasped her hand and she looked at him in surprise. “I haven’t been a boy in a long time, baby doll. And I’m more than man enough to deal with you and your so-called bitchiness.”

She wished her body hadn’t heard those words. The second he uttered more than man enough, her nipples went on red alert and she was a bit worried about the sudden dampness in her panties. She tried to tug her hand out of his grip, but he refused to relinquish it. “Listen, hotshot—”

“Save it, Nat. Why are you depressed?”

She panicked at his words. “I’m not depressed. I don’t get depressed. Ever.” Her words came out far too loud and she watched him study her face intently. She bit her lower lip, realizing Ewan Collins was far too observant when it came to her. He was also cutting too close to the core. Honesty seemed her best bet. “I’m thirty-four years old and I have fuck-all to show for my life.”

Ewan frowned. “That’s not true. You own and operate an incredibly successful photography studio in Palm Springs. You’re one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met. Your pictures are beautiful.”

She was taken aback by his praise, surprised he’d seen enough of her work to judge. “How do you know that?”

“I check out your website on occasion, plus Teagan is always emailing us pictures you’ve taken of her and Sky. You have an amazing eye.”

“Yeah, that’s me. The queen of composition, lighting, shading. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent my entire life behind the lens of a camera.”

Ewan lightly caressed the skin on the back of her neck and she marveled at how comforting the simple gesture was. “You sound like you’re questioning your career choice.”

“Do I?” she asked. “That’s not my intention. I love my job. But sometimes I feel like that’s all there is to me. I’m defined by a freaking camera.”

“That’s not true. I know Sky and Teagan consider you their friend, not their photographer.”

“I know that. It’s just…” She paused, trying to find a way to express the dark thoughts that had been plaguing her since her birthday. “It’s just…I’m never in any of the pictures.”

His eyebrows creased and she knew he was confused by her comment. She tried to clarify. “I’m not really sure what I have to show for my life. Hell, I’m not sure I’ve lived a life. I stand on the sidelines of every event, snapping picture after picture of other people living, celebrating, doing something. God, doing anything.” Her voice betrayed her frustration and she took a breath, tried to calm down when she noticed Tris Collins glance up at her from the bar.

Ewan rubbed her hand, his other arm still draped around her, and she felt wholly surrounded by his presence. “What did you hope to have achieved by now that you haven’t?”

His question caught her off-guard. She’d spent months commiserating over her lost youth, never once thinking about what it was she was grieving. And with one simple question, Ewan had thrown her for a loop…again. “Well, I don’t know exactly. I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries. I’ve seen thousands of people celebrating events with loved ones. I’ve never done anything worth celebrating and even if I did, I wouldn’t have anybody to commemorate it with. I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t generally have one of those personalities people flock to.”

“Prickly?” he asked, though she knew his comment wasn’t a question.

“No, not prickly. Strong-willed, self-assured, independent.” She struggled to find those three words.

“Opinionated, arrogant, bitchy. Got it.”

She opened her mouth to lambaste him and then closed it again. He was right. There was no debating the truth.

“Damn,” he muttered. “You are down and out. No snappy comeback, Nat?”

She shook her head.

“I sort of got the impression you were happy on your own. You always say people are an annoyance you don’t have time for.”

She looked around the room briefly, wondering how she always got into these conversations with Ewan. He always made her say too much, tell too many secrets she never intended to reveal. “That’s true. I guess maybe sometimes I think it might be nice to have a friend. Someone normal and not obnoxious. Someone who doesn’t get their feelings easily hurt when I tell them they suck.”

He laughed and she realized her requirements for a friend did sound pretty pathetic. “Isn’t that Sky?” he asked.

“It was—I mean, is. It’s just, he’s got Teagan now and, well…things are different.”

Ewan smiled and she felt a flash of anger spark. Here she was unloading all her misery, confessing things she’d never told another living soul, and he was giving her that stupid, annoying, lopsided grin.

She scowled. “Glad you find this all so funny. Get away from my table.”

He moved closer and she fought to hold on to her annoyance. God, men as handsome as Ewan Collins should be illegal.

“I’m not laughing at you, baby doll. I’m just glad your problem is so easily solved.”

She looked at him, confused. She’d spent months feeling sorry for herself, trying to find a way out of her funk, and nothing had presented itself. Even leaving town for a change of scenery, a change of company hadn’t helped.

She studied Ewan’s confident face and realized that if anyone could solve her problem, it was probably him. Why she felt that way, she couldn’t say. There was simply something deep inside her that said trust him.

“Show me the way.” Her request was softly spoken, but Ewan heard it.

“How long are you staying here?” he asked.

“A week.” It was Saturday afternoon and she had a flight booked to return to Palm Springs early in the morning the following Saturday.

Ewan rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Seven days. It’s a little tight, but we can manage.”

“Manage what?”

“I’m going to teach you a lesson a day. Seven lessons you can live by so you never feel this way again. You, Natalie Miller, are about to get a life.”

Thanks for the interview Mari!

Contest Rules: 1 eBook Copy of Friday I'm In Love will be awarded to 3 lucky winners.

1.  Answer the question: What is the name of the next book being published in the Wild Irish Series?

2.  Please leave your email address in your reply so that I may contact you if you win.

3.  Contest runs from Friday, 13-Aug-10, through Midnight Saturday, 14-Aug-10.  Winners to be chosen using Random.Org and will be notified on Sunday, 15-Aug-10.

4.  Contest open to ALL entrants Worldwide.

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New Release Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

There are quite a few new release erotic books this week but I'm just going to highlight the ones that I'm planning to purchase myself

From Samhain Publishing                                                                                      

Whirlpool by Vivian Arend                                                                                      

Wild Cards and Iron Horses by Sheryl Nantus

Summer Solstice by Eden Bradley

From Loose Id

Soleil by Caitlyn Willows

From Total E Bound

For Her Honour by Cerise DeLand

That's it for this week ....Go forth and Shop!

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Winner- Taming Kate by Sedonia Guillone

Congratulations to the Winner:


I will be contacting her later today.

Thanks for entering the contest and check back later this week for reviews and possibly an author interview and contest 


FTC Disclosure:  Random.org was used to choose winner and prize awarded was purchased by site owner.

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Contest- Taming Kate by Sedonia Guillone

Taming Kate

It’s going to take a lot more than sweet talk to tame this Kate…
Kate has given up on men. They’re all unreliable gold-diggers or worse. Besides, who needs men when she has her work? Unfortunately Daddy has other plans. He wants to see her happy, and he knows just the man for the job.

Enter Peter Manning, the incredibly sexy horse-whisperer, whose healing skills work on more than just horses. He’s got all the right tools for taming this wild filly – rope, blindfolds, his bare hands.

Kate’s acid tongue and prickly manner are no match for Peter’s strength and determination. And pretty soon, their battle of wills leads them into each others’ arms… and beds.

Publisher's note: Taming Kate was previously published at Loose Id.

Publisher:  Ai Press
Genre:  Contemporary Western; BDSM
eBook ISBN: 1451596324
Length:  Novel
Publication Date:  April 8, 2010

Purchase:  Ai Press          1RomanceEbooks          Amazon

    Contest:  1 Copy of eBook to be awarded as prize.

Contest Rules:

1.  Please make sure to leave a comment regarding something about
     what it is about either the cover, the blurb or the genre of this 
     book that attracts you the most.                                                    

2.  Please make sure to leave your email address so that I can notify  
     you if you are the winner.                                                                 

3.  Contest open to both US and International entries.                           

4.  You must be 18 years old or older to enter the contest.     

5.  Contest open until Midnight on Saturday 7-Aug-10.  Winner to be           
     announced by 10 A.M. on Sunday 8-Aug-10.

6.  Winner to be chosen using Random.org           


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A Review/ Then Came Love/ Patricia Pelican/ Total-E-Bound Publishing

Title:  Then Came Love
Author:  Patricia Pelicane
Publisher:  Total-E-Bound
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
eBook ISBN:  978-0857152503
Publication Date:  August 2, 2010
Length:  Short Story/Novella


Book Blurb:

Could they survive the pain only those who love deeply can know?

She hated him beyond measure. After a year of torturous separation her feelings had only grown in strength. When would he leave? She couldn’t allow him to know her most carefully guarded secret. She couldn’t allow him to ever know.

He was tired of waiting for her to come to her senses, to return to him, to realise she’d made a mistake. She was the love of his life, he was taking what she refused to give. Fight him or not, she was his and was always going to be only his.

My Review:

This is fantastic short story about two people who are have let anger get in the way of their love.  The story addresses the damage that we can do only to those that love us and that we love in return.  The two characters are are well developed and the dialogue between them reflects where they were in the past and where they are now.

The heroine of the story, Jackie Parker, is a young woman who is attractive, smart and making some changes in her life.  She is in the process of moving closer to her grandmother Stella and her husband Raymond due to their age and health.  While she is visiting her grandparents, they get a seemingly unexpected visitor in Raymond's nephew Richard Grayson.  Jackie and Richard have a history, they were engaged a year ago and Jackie had broken off their engagement the day before their wedding.  She holds a lot of anger towards Richard and also has a huge secret that she is keeping from him.

Richard Grayson is a very handsome and successful man who has come to visit his grandfather and his wife.  Now that he has come face to face with Jackie the purpose of his visit changes as he too has a lot of anger, he's angry at Jackie for both throwing away their chance at happiness and for refusing to  let him explain or apologize for what she had perceived as a betrayal.  Of course, he also has the problem that he's still desperately in love with Jackie and that no one he has dated in the last year has been able to help him forget her or the pain she has caused him.   

As the story develops we find out that issues from Jackie's childhood and her father have created a lack of trust towards men as a whole, which is a contributing factor in her relationship with Richard and part of why she hasn't been willing to listen to him.  Jackie also knows that she will have to tell Richard her secret because moving closer to the family will mean that they will all know- her lack of trust leads her to believe that telling him will spoil any chance that they have at any kind of relationship. 

Since I don't want to give spoilers I will say that Richard discovers Jackie's secret and that it does lead to more tension but the chemistry between these two characters is too hot to ignore.  Both Richard and Jackie have to decide if they will let the past dictate their future.  I will say that the ending is well done and that Jackie and Richard's future looks good.  This is the first story that I have read by Ms. Pelicane and I look forward to reading more of her work.

My Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure:  The book reviewed was purchased for review by the site owner.