Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rocky Mountain Haven - Contest Winners

And the winners of the Rocky Mountain Haven Contest Are

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction

Please contact me at within 72 hours and let me know the format that you want your book in.

Thank You to everyone who entered and please check back for other reviews and upcoming contests.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rocky Mountain Haven- A Contest

I have loved cowboys since I was a little girl and to this day I love to watch western movies.  I love the new genre of erotic western books that give us cowboys and hot romance.

So I am having a contest in honor of Vivian Arend's new cowboy romance released by Liquid Silver Books,  I will be giving away 2 copies of the ebook "Rocky Mountain Haven, Six Pack Ranch Book 2". 

Book Blurb: 
Welcome to the Six Pack Ranch, where learning to live again takes some sensual twists.

Beth Danube has escaped to a small Alberta town to make a new start for herself and her three little boys. Her emotionally abusive husband may be dead and buried, but so is her heart. What she doesn’t want is another man in her life—not now, maybe not ever. Yet when her libido reawakens after ten years of unsatisfactory sex in the missionary position is any woman strong enough to turn down sex-in-boots, Daniel Coleman?

The middle child of the rowdy Coleman boys, Daniel’s the quiet one who has always subdued his desires and acted as peacemaker. His powerful attraction to the young widow takes him by storm, and he’s willing to pursue her until they both find satisfaction—in and out of the bedroom.

Only Beth isn’t sure she’s ready to cross the line. Becoming friends with blazing hot benefits means she’s still the one in control. Letting her heart trust again? She isn’t that brave—or foolish. Daniel is going to have to be mighty convincing to help her overcome the past.

To enter the contest, please tell me what element about cowboys or the west intrigues you the most.  If you have a favorite cowboy romance tell us the name and author and why it's your favorite.  The contest will run from Tuesday, April 20th until Noon CST on Thursday, April 22nd.  You don't have to be a follower to enter the contest but if you become a follower, you will get an extra entry into the contest.  Contest is open to all.

FTC Disclosure:  The books being given away for this contest have been purchased by this review site. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blind Date- A Review

Author:              Dee Dawning

Genre:               Erotica

Purchase:         All Romance Ebooks


Women’s fashion entrepreneur, Keli Michaels,’ mundane life is about turn topsy turvy. It all starts when her business partner and best friend, Tya, arranges a blind date with her cousin, but fails to tell Keli about it until two hours before their dinner reservations. Despite Keli’s well founded annoyance, Ty convinces her to at least go out with him.

But when he arrives, Keli discovers something else her duplicitous friend failed to tell her. She is shocked to find out Ty’s favorite cousin, Phillip (Trevor) Gordon, has long blond hair, beautiful baby blues and is cuter than hell.

Having never considered dating interracially, Keli, although apprehensive, reluctantly accompanies Ty’s handsome cousin, out on the town in a limo, and enjoys the most wonderful date of her life.

With the stars aligned, inevitably drawing this unlikely pair together, passion ignites and burns hot. But will it evolve into true love or simply burn itself out and fade away?

My Review:
     First I want to say that I did enjoy this book, it was a light and fast read. There were also some very humerous aspects in this book.  Unfortunately some of them came when the mood of the book should have been something other than comedy. 
     The main female character of the book, Keli Michaels, a young African Amerian woman, is a part owner of a small clothing botique in the Chicago area.  She is described as somewhat tall for a woman, thin, and very physically attractive.  She is also single and alone.  She gets fixed up on a "blind date" by her business partner, Tya, who doesn't bother to tell her about the date till 2 hours before the date.  Turns out that the date is Tya's cousin, Phillip "Trevor" Gordon, is caucasian.  She is somewhat reluctant at first but after speaking with Tya again, she decides to go on the date.
     Phillip "Trevor" Gordon is described as handsome, intelligent and clearly he is also lonely since he asked his cousin by marriage to fix him up with her best friend.  Turns out that he is moving from Colorado to Chicago for work purposes, he works in the research and development department of a Hi-Tech company.  He is taking a new position that gives him additional responsibilities and a nice pay raise.  He was also attracted to Keli thru pictures that his cousin sent him.  He also seems to be in a big rush to get into a relationship and proceeds to work his way into Keli's life.
     Keli doesn't like Phillip's nickname "Gordy" so they decide that she will call him by his middle name Trevor or "Trev".  This is also where the story runs into some problems for me.  Within an hour of meeting Keli, "Trev" is kissing her.  He invites her out for another date to take place the next day and proceeds to move their relationship along at a really fast pace.  The relationship heats up and this is where the author must have become somewhat uncomfortable with the topic because the wording of their sexual acts changed alot during the same page and some was just uncomfortable for me to read.  
     Then for some reason the author felt that the story needed some mystery and added a mystery element.  I'm not really sure why this element was added instead of spending the time in slowing down the characters and really developing a relationship but that is where the author chose to go.  The relationship between the two main characters never becomes more than superficial in my opinion and I was disappointed in that.  I would have liked to have seen the story lengthened and have the characters better developed and also had the sexual aspect of the book handled differently.
     The story does have a happy ending and in that respect I was not dis-satisfied.  
My Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

FTC Disclosure:  This book was purchased by the reviewer

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad, Bad Girlfriend - A Review

Author:         Delilah Devlin

Genre:            Erotic Romance

Purchase:     Ellora's Cave


From the Publisher: 

Book Four in the Red Stilettos series.

Expect magic when one determined woman dons a legendary pair of red stilettos and bares body and heart to get her man’s attention…

Jolene’s a big, beautiful woman with an even bigger heart. But she’s become her police officer boyfriend’s favorite doormat and that’s so not working for her. It’s time for a little conversation, time to tell Mr. Happy Pants to “pee or get off the pot”.

Gabriel has seen what his profession does to marriages. He’s not willing to risk that kind of heartbreak. Besides, he likes what he has with Jolene. The woman is sex personified. So when Jolie tells him she won’t see him anymore if he’s not willing to commit, he’s shocked and angry.

With a girlfriend’s encouragement and the added confidence a certain pair of red stilettos gives her, Jolene arranges a special show at a strip club to prove to Gabe once and for all that she’s more woman than any man can handle, and if he doesn’t want the job, then she’ll find another lover who does.

My Review:

     I didn't realize at first when I purchased this book that it was a part of a series but I can honestly say that this can be read as a stand alone novel. 

     The mane characaters are Jolene (Jolie) Ledbetter and Gabriel (Gabe) Devine.  Jolene owns a bakery in town and Gabriel is a cop.  The book deals with the realities that dating a cop entail for any woman (strange and late hours, stress from the job, injury or death).  Gabe decides that he doesn't want that for his girlfriend Jolie so he takes matters into his own hands and decides to "cool off" their relationship.  This would probably work...except that he really does love Jolie but hasn't figured out how to deal with it.  Like a typical male he decides that if he just makes their relationship about the sex, that neither of them would end up hurt.

     Jolie can't figure out what is going on with Gabe but soon realizes that he is pulling away from her and she is not happy.  She has seen her friend Lexie become engaged to Gabe's partner, Tyler, and she wants to become closer to Gabe and eventually marry him and raise a family together.  She is aware of the dangers of his job but is not willing to let them take choices away from her. 

     The story then becomes about just how far Jolie is willing to go to either get Gabe to admit he loves her or to get him to walk away.  She doesn't want him to walk away but she is also not willing to continue in an affair where the only benefit is "really hot sex".  Gabe fights her moves every step of the way, all the while insisting on keeping his distance but in reality gettig closer to her. 

     Eventually Lexie convinces Jolie to wear these "red stilletos" that they purchased at an auction that have a "magical" aspect tied to them.  The wearer of the shoes has always found her hearts desire.  Jolie wants to wear the shoes but she's also afraid that maybe Gabe is not going to give in and that she will have to walk away from him.  Lexie also has a sure fire plan that will get Gabe's attention and force him to take a stand.  Jolie agrees to go along with Lexie's plan which leads to a very funny scene in the book.

     There is a happy ending to this book.  I won't spoil it by giving away details but I was very satisfied with how it ended.  

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

FTC Discloser: The reviewer purchased this book

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Colter's Woman - Contest Winners

And the Winner's Are:


Natasha A.


Please make sure to contact me at and let me know what format you need the book in.  I will be forwarding a copy of the new revised "Colter's Woman" with the bonus novella "Callie's Meadow" and also "Colter's Wife".  I would recommend the following reading order:
Colter's Woman
Colter's Wife
Callie's Meadow

Thanks to everyone who entered and Congratulations to the winners.  I plan to have at least 2 contests a month so check back often.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Colter's Woman (Colter's Legacy) - A Review and A Contest

This is both a review and a contest.  This is a re-edited and revised version of the original Colter's Woman.  It includes an expanded ending and a new never before pulished short story sequel.  I will be giving away 3
copies of this e-book.

Author:                    Maya Banks 

Genre:                      Menage a Quatre

Purchase:               MBAM


From the Publisher:

Colters’ Legacy, Book 1

Holly Bardwell is running from her past mistakes. Straight into the arms of the Colter brothers.

Adam, Ethan and Ryan aren’t looking for women. They’re looking for a woman. One woman they know will share their lives and their beds. They’re losing hope they’ll find her, that is until Adam discovers Holly lying in the snow just yards from their cabin.

Adam knows she’s the one the minute he holds her in his arms, and as soon as his brothers see her, they know it too. The only problem is convincing Holly of that fact—and protecting her from the danger of her past.

My Review:
       First a confession, I have had the original Colter's Woman on my electronic tbr list for a couple of months but just had never made the time to read the book so this review is not going to be a comparison of the old versus the new but rather a look at this book and the included story only. 
     Holly is the female heroine of this story, she is a young woman who made a bad choice and is dealing with the consequences in the only way she knows how, running away.  She ran from California and ended up in Clyde, Colorado where her vehicle broke down and where she ended up literaly in a ditch feeling cold, wet and hungry.  Lucky for her, she ended up not far from Three Brothers Hunting Lodge, which was owned and operated by Adam, Ethan and Ryan Colter.  Holly is only 24 years of age and has lived a somewhat sheltered life.  She is also emotionally somewhat fragile at the beginning of this story.

     Adam Colter is going about a mundane chore when he finds Holly in a ditch near to their mailbox.  He is a complete alpha male but when he picks up Holly he recognizes that this is the woman that will change his life and the life of his brothers, if he can get them to accept her.  The Colter men have known for some time that they will share a woman instead of each brother having an individual spouse, they know that it will take alot of work and understanding on all of their parts but they want to follow in their family's tradition.  Adam is used to calling the shots and because of that he sometimes ends up hurting other's feelings but his character grows throughout the book and he does the best he can to curb his demanding nature.

     Ethan Colter is the nurturer of the group.  From the first time he sees Holly, he knows that she is the one that will fit in their group and sets about making sure that she is made comfortable and that Adam doesn't scare her away with his alpha tendencies.  He is also the brother who seems to get along with everyone the easiest. 

     Ryan Colter is the brother with the most emotional baggage.  He is a veteran of the Iraq war and was a POW for a short period of time.  He is haunted by his experiences from the war and although he recognizes that Holly is indeed the one for their quad partnership, he is at first somewhat of a standoff.  That soon changes.

     There is alot of action that takes place in this story and an evil villan that must be dealt with.  The villian is a person from Holly's past that she must eventually face on her own.  I really liked that aspect of the book because it showed that Holly grew as a character and was no longer so dependant on being taken care of.

     I really enjoyed reading this book and the freebie short story, "Callie's Meadow" that was included in this re-edited and revised version.  There is also the free sequel "Colter's Wife" being offered at the same time.  I am eagerly antipating the release of the next book in this series, "Colter's Lady", which will release on June 1, 2010. 

My Rating:  4.5 Stars     

Now for the contest portion of this post.  Please comment on whether or not you have read a book by Ms. Banks and what it is about her writting that appeals to your inner romantic.  I will be using to choose the winners.  You do not have to follow my blog, however, if you choose to do so you will get an extra entry into the contest.  The contest will end at 12:00 Noon CST on Wednesday, April 7, 2010, at which time the winners will be announced.  Winners will have 72 hours to contact me at to claim their prize.

In accordance with FTC regulations I am also disclosing that I did win an advance copy of this book from a contest by Ms. Banks.