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VBT - Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods


Please join me in welcoming Serenity Woods on her Seven Sexy Sins Blog Tour.  Serenity was kind enough to prepare a special post for today.  Serenity will be awarding a $5 Amazon Gift Card or a copy of one of her Samhain backlist books to one winner at each stop on her tour and she will also be awarding a $20 Amazon Gift Card to one random winner on her tour.  Please be sure to follow her tour stops here.  The more often you comment, the better your odds at winning. 

Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods

Sin Number Three – Gluttony

Thank you so much for having me on your blog and for allowing me to promote my new release from Samhain Publishing.

Seven Sexy Sins is a full-length contemporary sexy romance with a brother’s-best-mate theme. Set in the sub-tropical north land of New Zealand, it follows journalist Faith Hillman and her mission to write a series of articles for a women’s magazine based on the seven deadly sins. She relates each to a “sexy sin”, hoping to come up with ideas to encourage bored housewives to experiment in the bedroom. Unfortunately, however, she hasn’t done any of the sins on her list, and she’s desperate to discover what all the fuss is about. The last person she expects to offer his services is the gorgeous Rusty Thorne, but keeping their relationship a secret from her over-protective brother proves harder than she realizes…

Gluttony is Faith’s third chosen sin. It seems like the perfect opportunity for her to explore the connection between food and sex. She discovers that some foods are considered sexy because they contain ingredients said to enhance a person’s sex drive, and some because of the way they look. She packs up a picnic for Rusty that they take to a quiet location by the side of a lake. Rusty can’t keep his hands off her, so they have to indulge in their usual “pre-sex sex” before the games begin. Here’s a clip from the scene, where they’ve moved onto the chocolate body paint. All I shall say about the end is that Rusty’s creative use of a Mars Bar is going to cause him heaps of problems when her brother finds out what he did with it…

“I’m glad there’s chocolate,” he said.
“You can’t have food sex and not have chocolate. It’s another food containing a stimulant similar to endorphins. Apparently some monasteries in Vienna banned it in the seventeenth century because it inflamed passion.”
“The Aztecs discovered it. The Aztec emperor Montezuma drank fifty golden goblets of chocolate a day to enhance his sexual prowess.”
“I didn’t know that,” she said. “Jeez, he must have been fat.” She unscrewed the lid of the jar. Inside was a small brush, fitted into the lid.
“Where did you get this?”
“One of my readers gave me a website address.” She took out the brush and straightened the handle, clipping it in place. “The idea is that we paint this onto areas we’d like to be licked. Starting with the not so obvious.”
“Otherwise it would be a very short exercise.”
“My thoughts exactly.”
“Go on then, you first.”
She dipped the brush in the soft chocolate and touched it to the tips of each finger on her left hand. She held it up to show him and winked.
Rusty closed his hand around her wrist, his thumb resting in the centre of her palm, and brought it up to his mouth. Keeping his eyes on hers, he closed his mouth over each finger in turn, sucking the chocolate off. She couldn’t decide whether to watch him, finding his hot gaze and the sight of his lips sucking her so arousing, or close her eyes, which heightened the sensation of his tongue brushing her skin. In the end she did both in turn, sighing happily as he turned her hand over and placed a kiss in the centre of her palm.
“My turn now.” She did the same to him, painting his fingers before licking the chocolate off. He gave a low groan as her mouth covered his thumb. She looked up to see his eyes closed, and she kept her mouth there for a while, smoothing her tongue over his skin, closing her own eyes. When she finally looked up again, he was watching her, his eyes hot.
“Do you know what you do to me?” She glanced down at his lap and then back up at him. “Yuh-huh.” Smiling, she dipped the brush back in the chocolate, drawing it across her wrist.
“Oh.” He brought it up to his mouth and licked it off gently. “This is a very useful lesson in erogenous zones.”
“I was just thinking the same.” She copied the movement on him. “I can’t believe how erotic it is, and it’s such a simple thing.”
“I know.” He watched her run her tongue down his arm, and he shivered. His eyes were growing more intense with desire by the minute. “Show me more.”
“I think the whole of my body’s one big erogenous zone at the moment.” She brushed the chocolate in the crook of her arm, shuddering as he removed it slowly with his mouth.
“I know what you mean.” He took the brush from her and painted a stripe from her shoulder up her neck, and then ran his tongue all the way up, making her tip her head to the side with a sigh.
“Show me what you like,” she said huskily as she got to her knees.
He dipped the brush in the chocolate and daubed his earlobe, and touched the brush to the spot behind his ear. She leaned forward, her breasts brushing his arm, and licked slowly up to his hairline, taking the lobe in her mouth and sucking the chocolate off. She repeated it the other side, enjoying his sighs of pleasure.
“You now,” he said, handing her the brush.
She took it and stroked it firmly across her lips.
He took her in his arms and kissed her, which smeared the chocolate across their faces and made her squeal as he lowered her to the ground. He planted chocolate kisses across her cheeks and chin, and placed dots with the brush on her nose and temples, kissing them off with his chocolaty lips.
After that, things started to heat up. They drew patterns with the body paint across their bodies and down their legs, getting stickier by the minute, trying the backs of their knees and the insides of their ankles, their toes, nipples, and even dobs in each other’s navels, which made him sigh but her squeal and giggle.
“Wait a minute,” he said eventually, holding up a hand. He looked very mischievous and she felt instantly wary. “I’ve got something I want to try.” He pulled the cooler over and rummaged inside. “I’m sure I saw…ah yes.” He brought out a Mars Bar.

Author’s Angels have organized seven different blogs for me to appear on, so follow me around to discover the other six Sins!

Serenity Woods

Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods 

Seven Sexy Sins Blurb:  

The road to passion is paved with guilty pleasures.

Faith Hillman is in a bit of a pickle. She’s been commissioned to write a series of magazine articles on spicing up your love life. She’s got the theme—the “Seven Sexy Sins”—but there’s one major problem. She hasn’t experienced any of them.

Ever since Faith’s older brother gave Rusty Thorne a black eye for kissing her on her eighteenth birthday, he’s kept his distance, waiting for the right time to make his move. This is it. She needs a research partner? He’s the man for the job.

When sex-on-legs Rusty offers his services, Faith is all over it—with one caveat. The notorious heartbreaker must sign a confidentiality contract. Just to keep him safe from her brother’s wrath, of course…and her heart off Rusty’s long list of conquests.

As they work their wicked way through the list, the implications of the contract hit Rusty as hard as the handcuffs binding his wrists to the bed. It isn’t just Faith’s touch that rocks his world. It’s the way his heart likes it that blows his defenses out of the water. And makes him wonder, when the contract ends, if he can bear to let her go.

Product Warnings : 

Includes rebellious hero who enjoys inserting Tab A into Slots B, C, and even occasionally D. Also includes highly inappropriate use of a Mars Bar.

Seven Sexy Sins Blog Tour Schedule: 

8/6 - My Secret Romance and The Brunette Librarian
8/7 - Queen of the Night Reviews and Guilty Pleasures
8/8 - My Odd Little World
8/9 - Fictional Candy
8/10 - The Black Raven Erotic Cafe
8/13 - Harlie's Book Blog
8/14 - Simply Ali
8/15 - Under The Covers

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