Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #63

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Dirty Little Secrets!

This week's question:

"Book abuse!  What's the worst thing you've done to a book."
I am ashamed to say that the worst thing I've ever done to a book was when I was much younger and really didn't understand the value of a book.  I used to write in them - make notes, underline things and would bend the corners back on the end and even spilled beverages or food on a book.  Now as an adult, I've grown and of course realize both that books are precious (either in paper or ebook form) and that they also have a monetary value that needs to be taken into consideration.  Now I don't eat while I read and when I drink, I make sure my drink is in a no spill cup:)
What about you?  Go ahead and share your Dirty Little Secret! 


  1. Oh boy! Well good thing people learn from their mistakes :) Thanks for participating and voting!


  2. :O ... What Francesca said :) and in reply to the comment you left on my blog, I have lots of eBooks, as well, but I'm afraid I keep preferring Paperbacks!

  3. You used to write in them!?! LOL my eyes got huge when I read that. Someone needs a spanking! just kidding ;P


  4. I've never written in books, well...except for textbooks, but I am guilty of dogearing books before getting into the bookmark habit.