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VBT - Nightfall by Robyn Bachar

Hello and welcome to my stop on Robyn Bachar's Nightfall Virtual Book Tour.  Robyn was kind enough to answer some questions for me below.  Please be sure to leave a comment or question for her as she will be awarding a $20 Amazon Gift Card to one random commenter during the tour.  You can follow her stops- here.  The more often you comment, the better your chances.


Me:  Nightfall is the first book in your “Cy'ren Rising” series.  Can you tell us what your inspiration for this series was?   

Robyn: I’ve always wanted to write an epic space opera, but this is the first time I’ve tried my hand at it. My dad and I bonded over reruns of classic Star Trek when I was a kid, and it created a lifelong love of sci fi. Nightfall began as a single scene that was stuck in my head—Dack falling into Talena’s workshop, wounded and desperate for her help—and it grew into a trilogy. It has action, adventure, and romance, and it was a blast to write.

Me:  Are you a full time writer or do you have a different “day job”?   

Robyn:  Actually I have two day jobs in addition to writing. I’d love to write full time, and one day I hope that I’ll be able to do that.

Me:  Are you a plotter or a panster?        

Robyn:  Both. It depends on the story. Some books start with an idea and I run with it from there, but for other books I take the time to outline them first. I find outlines really helpful for National Novel Writing Month, because when I hit that wall at 30k words (happens every time) I can skip the scene I’m stuck on and move on to the next.

Me:  Both of your series are paranormal romance, do you have any plans to write in a different genre?     

Robyn:  Actually the Cy’ren Rising series is science fiction/space opera romance, but like my paranormal series there is a bit of frisky biting and blood drinking in it. The Cy’ren aren’t vampires, but their blood has an aphrodisiac effect. I guess I’m just addicted to writing about magic, monsters, aliens, and swords, all with a happily-ever-after. I’m also developing a fantasy romance series.

Me:  On your website you give thanks to a lot of people who are supportive of your writing, your family, best friend, your critique group and your RWA chapter but you specifically are not thankful to your cat.  Can you tell us your cat’s name and what a typical writing situation with him/her nearby is like?    

Robyn:  At the moment I’m blessed with two cats in the house. My cat answers to many names, but most often I refer to him as Basement Cat, because he’s a black cat. His new nemesis is Ceiling Cat, a white cat who belongs to my roommate/best friend. A typical writing situation involves one or both cats attempting to stand on my laptop as I write. They also enjoy jumping on my keyboard while I’m at my desk and standing on top of my printer. They’re so helpful.

Me:  You are also a “gamer” – can you tell us what is your current favorite game? 

Robyn:  It’s hard to pick a favorite. At the moment I’m playing through Dragon Age II for the tenth time. I prefer the storyline in the first Dragon Age game, but the gameplay is a lot smoother in the second one. It’s a good series, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one.

Me:   When you write, do you need silence or do you listen to music?  If you listen to music – what type and do you have a specific “soundtrack” that you have written specific books to?       

Robyn:  I need noise when I write. Usually I have the TV on if I’m working on my laptop or my music on if I’m working at my desk. I have a few shows that I like to write to, and my all-time favorite is Ghost Hunters. For music I prefer things without lyrics, so I tend to listen to soundtracks. Many of the fight scenes in Nightfall were written while listening to the Star Wars soundtracks.

Me:  So far all of your books have been released through Samhain Publishing.  Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with them as a publisher?          

Robyn:  I love working with Samhain. They’re a great group of people, and I always enjoy chatting with other Samhain authors and editors at conferences or online. My cover artist, Kanaxa, is amazing, and she’s done a wonderful job on all of my books.

Me:  Now that you have several published books under your belt so to speak, can you tell us about any recommendations you would give to a newbie trying to break into publishing?            
Robyn:  The best advice that I can give is to first finish your book, and then don’t be afraid to submit it. It’s very tempting to keep rewriting and revising, but there comes a time when you just have to take a deep breath and hit that send button.

Me:  Earth gets invaded by a race of Aliens – what would you tell them is the best thing about our planet?  

Robyn:  Bacon. Bacon is always the answer.

Quick 7:

Chocolate or Vanilla?
That depends on the medium. Not all desserts are created equal. Chocolate cake, but vanilla ice cream.
Deep Dish or Thin Crust Pizza? Deep dish. I’m from Chicago. I demand pizza that requires a fork to eat.
If they had to describe you in one word, what would your friends say about you? Tall
Favorite color?  Pink. I have pink hair.
All time favorite movie? The Hunt for Red October.
All time favorite book? I’m an English major, I can’t pick just one. For most re-reads, I have to say Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn.
Favorite snack you can’t live without? Cheese.


by Robyn Bachar



Her heart says “never”. Her body says “now”.

When a wounded runner stumbles into her workshop, sculptor Talena Spenser’s comfortable, quiet life is shattered. Aiding the escaped slave risks losing more than just her freedom. She is in phase, when Cy’ren females are overwhelmed by the drive to mate.

Mordacki Loren, shadow sword of House Nightfall, knows the pain of losing a mate. He never intended to take another. But Talena, raised by humans with little knowledge of Cy’ren ways, leaves him no choice. As the mating lust consumes them, Dack promises to honor her wishes—even if that means letting her go.

Scarred and hardened by a munitions accident that sent her Alliance career up in flames, Carmen Hawke joined the Cy’ren resistance as captain of the flagship Talon. When old flame Dack returns from a mission with Carmen’s childhood friend and first love, Talena, in tow, the temptation to allow someone—or two someones—close to her again cracks her emotional armor.

Pursued by an unknown enemy, the trio works together to discover the secrets of Talena’s past, and to uncover a threat that could destroy the fragile peace of the Cy’ren homeworld.

Warning: If the epic space battles, gunfights and swordplay aren’t enough to get you going, strap yourself in for a male-female-female threesome that’s scorching enough to fire your engines into overdrive.



When they reached the docking level, Talena hesitated at the door leading into the terminal. “This is as far as I can take you.”

“Come with me.” Dack placed a hand on her shoulder, and she shied away as though the contact burned.

Tempting, far too tempting. She licked her lips as she resisted the sudden desire to kiss him, stepped back and bumped into the wall behind her. “No. I’m happy here. At least I was, until you showed up. Now go.”

“Don’t you want to be free?”

Talena frowned. He thought she was still a slave? “But I—” she began, but was interrupted by the flare of a laser bolt exploding near them.

“The door,” Dack shouted as he drew his weapon and returned fire.

Talena slapped her palm against the scanner as a volley of bolts hit the walls around them. The door opened and Dack grabbed her arm and hauled her with him as he charged through it. More shots followed as they rushed into the arrival area, and crew and passengers scattered. The door shut and Dack blasted the scanner, jamming the lock and keeping the security team from following.

They hurried on into the terminal and more shots zinged their way, this time from ahead of them. Dack skidded to a halt next to an arrival counter and ducked behind it, pulling Talena down with him.

“Let go of me,” she demanded.

Dack peered around the corner of the counter and jerked back as a bolt scored the floor near him. “Malenson’s between us and my ship.”

“That’s your problem. Let go!”

“I can’t leave you here. They’ll arrest you.”

“You put a gun to my head. I think they’ll understand.”

The computer screen on the counter above them exploded, raining pieces of plastic over them. Dack grimaced. “The Eppes aren’t real understanding.”

Panic gripped Talena, and she struggled to breathe past the fear. He could be right—she didn’t know about this mysterious Eppes group, but the authorities might not care if she was coerced. She’d helped a runner, and now she was as guilty as he was.

“Stay behind me. I’ll clear the path, you get the door. Ready?” he asked.

No, she thought, but she nodded. Better to get it over with before she fainted from terror.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Robyn Bachar was born and raised in Berwyn, Illinois, and loves all things related to Chicago, from the Cubs to the pizza. It seemed only natural to combine it with her love of fantasy, and tell stories of witches and vampires in the Chicagoland area in her Bad Witch series. As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in MMPORGs. Her new series, Cy’ren Rising, was born out of a lifelong addiction to space opera movies and TV shows.

Please be sure to leave a comment or question below for Robyn as she will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC during her tour.  The more often you comment the better your odds at winning.  You can follow her tour here.


  1. Ohhhhh this looks good, thanks for sharing! I don't do a lot of sci fi but sometimes I'm in that mood.


  2. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it.


  3. "Bacon. Bacon is always the answer." My brother would LOVE you! Haha. He is OBSESSED with bacon! He even has a bobblehead piece of bacon... Lord help us... ;-)
    I love your hair! I've always envied people who had the guts to dye their hair an awesome color... It looks great!
    Have a great weekend!


  4. I don't know how writers can also have day jobs. It seems like so much pressure for them! To me writing is a job though.

    Great interview. I don't read many sci-fi books but this one looks interesting to me. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. :) I hope you try Nightfall out.

      I'd love to have writing as my only job. Unfortunately it doesn't pay the bills like the two day jobs do. Writing is my evening job. ;)

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  6. This sounds interesting. I'm not normally a sci-fi person, but every once in a while. And I also believe Bacon is a good answer for just about anything. Yummm. I wish I had some right now! Great interview!!

  7. Love your hair!!! :) The book sounds fantastic but gotta admit, the cover drew me in!

    I've been to Kankakee IL and Watseka. I have family living in Peoria, Bryant, Macomb and Springfield. Any of those areas in your neck of the woods??

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  8. Fun answers. I love it when I get such a sense of the writer behind the words.