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Review for A Change of Heart by Barbara Longley

A Change of Heart
By Barbara Longley
Perfect, Indiana, Book 3

Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: November 26, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN:  978-1477849040

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About the book:

Cory Marcel worked tirelessly over eight grueling years to develop a successful military career. After her commanding officer violently assaulted her, she lost everything—especially her trust in people. Despite the emotional damage threatening to sink her, Cory agrees to accept a new job at a furniture store in Perfect—a job that could offer the fragile brunette the chance to start over.

Ted Lovejoy co-founded Langford & Lovejoy Heritage Furniture, but lately he feels like an outsider in his own business. When he meets Cory, Ted realizes his company can do more than just build furniture—it can also help rebuild lives. He longs to help Cory recover from her pain, yet every time he gets too close to her heart, she pushes him away.

While Cory can’t resist her attraction to Ted, she fears the demons haunting her will drag down both of them. Could this kind, soft-spoken man help her finally bury the past…and unlock a future full of hope and happiness?

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A contemporary romance dealing with serious emotional and mental health issues, A Change of Heart by Barbara Longley, made me reflect on things most of us take for granted.  Well developed characters, good dialogue and plenty of angst kept me turning the pages to discover what was going to happen next.  While the third book in the Perfect, Indiana series, this book can be read on its own.

Emotionally and mentally traumatized by an assault from a superior officer in the army, Cory Marcel fought a year long and difficult battle to have him brought to justice.  After eight years of faithful service, Cory’s “reward” for doing the right thing was a dishonorable discharge with the remarks that she was “unfit for service” due to suffering from “borderline personality disorder”.  Unemployed and unable to draw upon her military health benefits, Cory is financially broke, suffering from PTSD, and feeling lost. Fortunately her best friend has a plan to get her back on her feet; get mad, get a job and fight for what’s rightfully yours.

Co-founder of Langford and Lovejoy Heritage Furniture, Ted Lovejoy is tired of being treated like a kid by the majority of the guys at work.  Feeling like an outsider because he didn’t serve in the military, like most of the male employees, he’s also dealing with a partner who keeps hiring people without consulting with him first.  Something that really makes him angry until he meets Cory, their newest employee, someone he decides is irresistible.

The scenes between Cory and Ted are well written, have a lot of emotional angst and just the right amount of emotional and sexual chemistry to keep things interesting.  Both Cory and Ted have emotional issues from the past they will need to deal with and they’ll also have to face Cory’s PTSD and her lack of trust due to her assault.  Ms. Longley does a good job developing their characters, though there were times I felt Ted’s character was too pushy and Cory’s emotions went back and forth like a see-saw. 

Will Cory have the courage and fight to demand her benefits from the Army?  Will she really let Ted into her heart?  And will Ted have the strength and maturity being with Cory will require?  You’ll have to read A Change of Heart to find out, I enjoyed it and plan to read the rest of the books in the series.

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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