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Virtual Tour & #Giveaway for Going Backwards by Jacki Kelly

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Keep Your Marriage Happy and Faithful by Jacki Kelly

Just like all people are different, every marriage is different, too. What might keep one marriage happy and the spouses faithful might not work for a couple in another marriage. Of course everyone knows the fundamentals like communication and honesty. So I won’t even list those.

In my latest books—The Baptiste Series—infidelity is a thread in both books, but the outcome is very different. There are some other basic fundamentals that are required for all relationships to remain happy and the partners’ faithful.

  • Be kind. Even on those days when you’d rather crawl into bed and pull the blanket over your head, you’ll be amazed at what a kind word or gesture will do for the person you love. It doesn’t have to be something grand. Sometimes all it takes is a thank you, or saying I love you. Everyday, you should strive to say or to do something nice for your spouse. In Packed and Ready to Go, Walter failed at this simple gesture in a massive way.
  • In order to maintain intimacy and passion, put your relationship first.  Intimacy doesn’t always have to take place in the bedroom. I’m not suggesting loving has to take place on the dining room table (even though that might work). I’m suggesting intimacy as a much broader range of contact. It could be a kiss, a hug, or just holding hands. Don’t look at intimacy as making love. Intimacy isn’t one of the covenants of marriage where you have to go big or go home. Just do something. Daily.
  • Be willing to say you’re sorry. As much as we all wish we could be right all the time, it’s impossible. Some believe saying those two words diminishes them. It takes a very strong, confident person to admit when they’ve done something wrong. In a relationship the mileage you can get by admitting you’re wrong will go a long way to keeping your marriage happy.  Marriage isn’t a game. There are no winners and losers.
  • Find your own space. Marriage doesn’t mean two people become one. It means two people share a life together. Often newly married couples become inseparable, thinking they must do everything in step. However, studies show spouses find each other more interesting when they’re doing something interesting. The old adage ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ has stuck around so long because of its merit.
  • Marriage takes courage, and a willingness to fight for the relationship. You have to be willing to give up something to get something even better. For a lot of people this is a frightening thought. There will be ebbs and flows and you have to have the courage to remain strong enough to steer your relationship back to that place where you fell in love.
Other than the mainstream responses can you think of something to keep a marriage happy and faithful?

Going Backwards
By Jacki Kelly
The Baptiste Family, Book 2

Publisher:  Yobashi Publishing
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
Format: eBook/Print
Length:  298 Pages (433KB)
ISBN:  978-1942202059

Buy Links:  Amazon | B&N | Kobo  

About the book

The tentacles of infidelity are insidious, running long and deep and destroying everything they touch along the way. Crystal Davis can’t shake the images and whispered conversations she overheard as a child as her parent’s relationship fell apart. As a married woman she finds herself walking in the footsteps she abhors.  But once on that path, getting off is not easy and to set her life right may cost her more than she ever imagined.


I couldn’t hold back the tears. I needed to be strong, rattle off some supporting clichés I’d picked up from some sitcom I’d watched on television - everything is going to turn out okay, this is not the end of the world, a lump doesn’t mean cancer. But I had nothing meaningful to say. I should have gathered her in my arms, stroked her back and let her cry on my shoulder if that’s what she needed.

I couldn’t speak.

I couldn’t breathe.

I was frozen.
AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jacki Kelly has been writing since her fourth grade teacher made her keep a journal for a grade. Now she does it to keep track of all the fascinating and heartbreaking moments that life throws our way. Poetry, personal essays, short stories and novels have all occupied space in her heart and her hard drive.

Jacki loves to read almost as much as she likes to write. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s walking her adorable cocker spaniel or on the golf course. Her idea of bliss is squeezing all this stuff into one day. Happy Reading!

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