Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Review/ Politically Incorrect: Subjugated/ Jaid Black/ Ellora's Cave

Title:  Politically Incorrect- Subjugated
Author:  Jaid Black
Publisher:  Ellora's Cave
Genre:  Branded/Erotica
eBook ISBN:  978-1419930102
Length:  Novella (61 Pages PDF)
Publication Date:  July 12, 2010

Book Blurb:
Shannon Smith thinks her marriage to the intense, brooding Hani bin Nasser is one of convenience, but her mysterious Saudi husband has other plans.

My Review: 

This short novel is the first in a new line of books being released through Ellora's Cave/Jasmine Jade.  The "Branded" line of books is a series of books that are written where the relationship must be monogamous and heterosexual, and penetrative sex cannot occur until after marriage.  The stories can include most other sexual elements, such as bdsm, anal, kink, toys—after marriage, anything goes!  It could be the heroine, hero, or both who have a personal belief in no sex before marriage.  It's a line of books for readers who are uncomfortable with pre-marital sex.  The line is not a religious line as the characters can be choosing to refrain from premarital sex for any number of reasons.

Shannon Smith is a 36 year old American woman who is married to Hani bin Nasser, a man who is 10 years younger in age.  He's also from Saudi Arabia and theirs is supposed to be a marriage of convenience, Shannon is under the impression that her Hani needed to marry an American in order to stay in the country and finish his MBA.  She married him for his family's financial payment to cover her father's unsuccessful cancer treatments.  After almost a year of sharing a house, Shannon believes that their time together is almost up and even though Shannon is attracted to Hani, they have never been intimate.  Shannon believes that Hani will be leaving the country and filing for divorce so that he can marry someone in his own country.  She's somewhat emotionally fragile over this as both her parents are now deceased (her mother died when she was a toddler) and she will be alone for the very first time in her life.  Shannon decides that it's time for her to dating and has a first date with a co-worker at the law firm that she works in. 

Hani bin Nasser hasn't exactly been completely honest with Shannon.  He already had his MBA when he met Shannon, he didn't need their marriage in order to extend his Visa to stay but rather had gone into the law firms office to have a local attorney attend to a few minor matters.  When he saw Shannon he fell in love with her and changed all of his plans so that he could bring her into his life - he has no plans to ever divorce her and in fact is simply waiting for the opportunity to seduce his wife.

When Hani catches Shannon out on her first "date" with a co-worker, he becomes enraged and decides that it's time to move up the time table on his plans to seduce his wife and make her understand that there will be no divorce.  Circumstances though require that he move back to Saudi Arabia due to his father's health so he convinces Shannon to take a vacation with him, she thinks that she is going for a visit however, Hani knows that they will be making their new home in his home town of Jeddah.

The interaction between Shannon and Hani is a lot of fun to read.  The dialogue between the characters is well done and there are some comedic elements.  The seduction scene is beautifully written and smoking hot!  The Happy Ever After ending was not in doubt but much appreciated.  I'm curious to see what the next book in this line will be like.

My Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure:  The book reviewed was purchased for review.


  1. Great review! This sounds like it is going to be a very interesting line of books from EC/Jasmine Jade!! :)

  2. Funny
    I kinda have lost my trust in Jaid, since the “Trek Mi Q'an” series. Loved Breeding grounds, but the books keep becoming more and more unrealistic. I sure do hope I am wrong! But Jaid's stile is a superficial ... kinda "for stupid people" one. I really repeat: I HOPE I AM WRONG! But excuse me if I don't trust the commercial reviews all bloggers are giving away.
    I will read this book too, and I promise you if I find it "insulting" I will not cover it up. I am sick of sugar-coating it!