Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flashback Sunday Review/ Tempting Tori/ NJ Walters/ Ellora's Cave

Flashback Sunday Review - a review of a book that has  been      published at least 12 months previous to the review date.         
Title:  Tempting Tori
Author:  NJ Walters
Publisher:  Ellora's Cave
Genre:  Erotic Contemporary
eBook ISBN:  978-1419919381
Length:  Novella (Quickie)
Format:  eBook

Book Blurb: 

Standing in the barn, looking out over his ranch, J.T. Courage knows there is nowhere else on earth he’d rather be. He has his brothers, a successful horse business and a new home on the land that’s belonged to his family for generations. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with. And he has just the woman in mind.

Victoria Abrams is leaving the man she loves. She can no longer pretend he will one day see her as more than a friend or housekeeper. But J.T. is not about to let the sexy woman who has tempted him for months with her lush body and beautiful face slip away without a fight.

My Review: 

I really loved this novella from Ms. Walters, it's the first novella in the Courage Brothers's stories (see Friday's review of Lassoing Lara).  This was a fairly fast and easy story to read and yet it retained all of the elements that one expects from a much longer story. 

John Thomas Courage, or J.T. as most folks call him is the oldest of 3 brothers.  He's 32 years old, single, wealthy, in fantastic physical shape and stands at 6 feet 2 inches in his socks.  He also has a slight dilema; he's lusting after his housekeeper, Victoria Abrams.  He has tried to ignoore his dilema by dating other women, however, he never dates anyone for more than one or maybe two dates - because they are not "Tori".  He's just had a new house built on the ranch that he and his brother's inherited and has come to the conclusion that it's time to make his feelings known - he's not expecting to receive Tori's resignation.

Victoria Abrams, or Tori as everyone in the Courage family calls her, is a size 16 woman, who has been suffering in silence.  She's desperately in love with J.T. and has decided that she just can't go on being his housekeeper any longer.  She doesn't think that she has a chance with J.T. because she considers him such a fine specimen of man and she is suffering from some insecurities based on the fact that she is not smaller in size.  She has decided that now that there is a new house built that it is time for her to leave and go back to her parent's home and in a sense lick her bleeding heart.  She is prepared to give J.T. her resignation and goes out to the barn to do so.  He refuses to accept it and proceeds to seduce her in the barn and then the house.

I loved the fact that Ms. Walters took her characters from friends to lovers and really liked the backstory that she that she provided on their friendship and mutual respect.  The scene in the barn is one of the 3 very hot scenes in the book and was very well done.  I'm sincerely hoping that we get a story for the third Courage brother.

My Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars


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