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Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway for Reach For Your Light by Ces Creatively

Welcome to my stop on the Virtual Book Tour, hosted by Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours, for Reach For Your Light by Ces Creatively.  Please leave a comment or question for Ces to let her know you stopped by.  You can enter the tour wide giveaway by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  You can also follow the rest of the tour here.

Short Snappy Best Reasons Why You’ll Love Reach For Your Light @Light_Direction #Ebook

We asked Ces Creatively Author of The Light Direction Series to describe the characters and plot in 5 words each. Here’s what she said:

Jamie Jaxx: Hot Hero with Supernatural Powers

Jeremy White: Tall Dark and Deliciously Handsome

Nic Fellowes: The Ultimate Powerful Bad Boy

Denzil Jayze: Flirtatious Unique Fun Loving DJ

Emma Williams: Beautiful Strong Willed Loving Romantic

Beth Simmons: Pretty Bubbly Flirtatious Sweet Dreamer

Katy Lyle: Unique Stylish Feisty Fun Creative

Charlotte White: Young Sassy Rebellious Caring Chatterbox

Reach For Your Light: Exciting Action Hot Paranormal Romance

Reach For Your Light
By Ces Creatively
The Light Direction, Book 1

Publisher: Creatively Minded
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 377 Pages


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About the book: 

Emma Williams is searching for a new direction. Leaving behind a dead end career and harrowing relationship in London, she makes a fresh start in Bournemouth bonding immediately with flat mate Denzil and enjoying coastal life. 

Falling in love with delicious Jeremy White she soon discovers that her new life is not as uncomplicated as she’d hoped. It may look like she has the perfect beach apartment and gorgeous man of her dreams but when visions of a mysterious stranger become reality and manipulating exes are out to cause trouble in paradise, Em just wants to find the truth in a world of deceit. 

The Light Direction will take you on a fast-paced roller coaster of hot sex, mind games and supernatural visions that will leave you hungry for more.

**Contains explicit adult content. Not suitable for under 18 yrs.**


I order a roast dinner to treat myself and chat to the waitress for a while. Following her gaze mid-sentence I notice a guy standing at the end of the bar. He obviously knows all the staff as he’s laughing with everyone and even the chef appears from the kitchen to greet him. Jen, the waitress, waves back to him coyly, pouting in response to his cute grin as he winks and blows her a kiss before continuing his conversation with the chef.

My eye keeps finding him as I fiddle aimlessly with the salt and pepper shakers on my table. The third time I catch myself checking him out, he’s staring straight back at me.  6ft tall, about my age I think, with almost black hair, short at the sides then swept up into a two inch Mohican that curves like a wave. He’s certainly hard to miss. He’s walking over. I quickly look away and start pretending to read the menu again. He stops just short of my table and starts chatting to Jen. I overhear something about her brother getting a Uni place in London and shudder.

I’m trying not to look up when I hear their conversation end and then he’s suddenly leaning on the chair opposite me. I shift my gaze and Wow I’m immediately dazzled by his seascape eyes.  There’s that heart stopping smile again too. It starts at the corner of his mouth and spreads in a sexy wide curve. 

"Hi, I'm Denzil... Denni." His voice is intoxicating though I can’t place his accent and Oh My God those twinkling green blue eyes, I can see why Jen likes him. He tilts his head in the direction of the seafront properties as he asks, "You’re Tony’s friend, you just moved into the basement, right? I live in the top flat."

I nod, my smile more relaxed as he continues, "If you need anyone to show you a good time or anything, I mean, show you around." Cue an even cheekier grin. "Well, you know where I am."

Holding my hand out I introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Emma and erm... thanks for the offer, it’s good to know there’s someone I can come to if I need a hand.”

“Anytime Emma, I’m good with my hands.” He chuckles before breaking eye contact for a moment and nodding acknowledgement to a couple who have just come in, they must know him too.

Ces Creatively

Ces Creatively is an inspiring mum of three from Poole who loves to spend time at Poole Harbour, Sandbanks Dorset. Juggling being a mum with running graphic design business, popular website with a book blog  and hand made gifts business she miraculously also finds time to write novel series which she has dedicated to her son in heaven. A tireless champion of small businesses and other authors, Ces has won several awards for supportive innovation and dedicates time every week to promoting others online. In a unique twist, her debut paranormal romance novel The Light Direction - Reach For Your Light features real small businesses and talented creatives.

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