Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Beginnings and Friday 56- Playing Dead by Jody Lebel

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My choice for this week is a book I just bought for my Kindle because the blurb really hooked me.....Playing Dead by Jody Lebel.  

Chapter 1

His Stun Gun

"Dead men don't send emails, Liz, particularly men who have been buried for over a year."  Renee enveloped her friend in a protective hug and then bent down to pat Liz's dog, Beans, who jumped around her legs in happy little circles.  

My Thoughts:  I already like Renee's style of conversation and I have to agree with

The Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda at Freda's Voice. To play along:
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  • Turn to page 56.
  • Choose the fifth (5th) sentence or a few more (just don't spoil it too much).
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My Friday 56 is also going to be from Playing Dead by Jody Lebel.   I am just estimating where page 56 is since it's on the Kindle:

It was just pure bad luck that Renee had gotten assigned to him.  And talk about bad luck, Renee watched in dismay as Detective Graciano entered the public area and walked toward the state attorney's table.

My Thoughts:  This sounds like a fun romantic suspense and I can't wait to read it.

About this book:

Court reporter Renee Rose found out the hard way that hooking up with a cop is like a bikini wax--it starts off hot, turns painful, and ends in tears.

But when her best friend receives an e-mail, supposedly from her long-dead fiancee, demanding money, Renee knows they need help. Too bad help comes in the form of Detective Anthony Graciano, an annoying, bossy cop who somehow manages to haul Renee's libido out of dry dock.

Police work is more than a career to Anthony, it's an obsession. He specializes in cases involving female victims, which leaves him no time for anything else. Until he meets Renee, a delicious mystery he yearns to explore.

As danger closes in, Anthony fights to keep Renee safe despite her tendency to plunge headlong into danger--and her doubts about him. Can she learn to trust his love before it's too late?

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  1. I just became a follower. That does sound like a fun mystery. Here is my post: Book Beginnings

  2. Sounds like a good mystery! I love the blurb--especially: "hooking up with a cop is like a bikini wax--it starts off hot, turns painful, and ends in tears." Lol.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I love reading those 'cop' , 'detective' novels. this one sounds good.

  4. Sounds to me like he doesn't want her there because he actually wants her! Typical man! LOL

  5. A romanctic suspense that I'd like to read. Sounds interesting and I like the cover photo but would worry that there are no people around!

  6. From the book beginning Renee sounds logical, practical even...and then we learn of her 'tendency to plunge headlong into danger' - haha. Sounds like a fun read.

    Amber @ A Morose Bookshelf

  7. That's a great beginning! Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!

  8. Sounds like my kind of book. Great teaser!

  9. It does sound good, although having to be assigned a cop may not be a good thing! Thanks for stopping by, I'm following! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Juli @ Universe in Words