Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review - A Dance to Die For by Rebecca Lee Smith

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Publication Date: April 20, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-612170-49-7
Length: 282 Pages
Format: Both eBook and Print
Reviewed by: Maria


Annabel Maitland believes in destiny and following her heart--Trent Sheffield realizes his destiny is to believe in her.

Annabel destroyed her dancing career trying to save her friend Quinn's life. Convinced Quinn's death was no accident, Annabel follows a clue to a North Carolina mountain inn and discovers that everyone who knew Quinn wanted her out of their lives--including the sexy innkeeper whose laid-back charm and megawatt grin take Annabel's breath away. But trusting her heart means ignoring evidence that plants him firmly on the suspect list.

The last person Trent needs working for him is an impossibly long-legged dancer whose sharp wit and silver eyes keep him scrambling. He's falling hard, but Annabel's connection to his ex-fiancée makes him question her motives. When mysterious accidents threaten Annabel's life, they must unearth Quinn's killer before it's too late. But what if Annabel was the target all along?

My Review:

     A Dance to Die For is a well paced, semi-spicy, romantic suspense with like able characters and a pretty good murder mystery that has to be solved.  The dialogue is lively and I enjoyed the give and take between the two main characters Annabel "Annie" Maitland and Trent Sheffield.  I also enjoyed the family dynamics between Trent and his younger half-brother Gil, as they try to restore The Sheffield Inn to it's former glory days and turn it into a "go to" location for the older crowd.  The pace is just right and the mystery was well developed.  This is the first book I've read by Ms. Smith and it lived up to everything I hoped it would be from it's description.

     Annabel Maitland is an "off Broadway" dancer who was already suffering from painful hips when she became further injured when trying to save friend and fellow dancer, Quinn Wolcott, from falling off the stage at the theatre they worked in.  As Quinn is dying, she tells Annabel that she's been poisoned and begs her to investigate her death and make sure the culprit doesn't get away with it.  Realizing her dancing days are probably mostly behind her, Annabel reluctantly grants her dying friend's last wish and agrees to investigate,  She didn't realize she'd have to leave New York and travel to North Carolina to investigate Quinn's claims and never planned on falling in love with the inn's owner.

     Trent Sheffield is a businessman trying to save a family business with problems and deal with a younger half brother, Gil, whose big plan to save the inn is to put in a dinner theatre to attract older guests and keep them entertained.  While Trent is out of town, Gil hires Annabel, along with two carpenters, and puts his plan into motion, leaving Trent to deal with the real consequences when he gets back to the inn.  Trent is an honest, good looking man, who works hard but has secrets of his own.  In particular, the fact that he's still hurting and angry with his ex-fiancee Quinn and everything she did while she stayed at the inn.  He never planned on falling in love with another dancer or the woman who was secretly investigating Quinn's death.

     The chemistry between Trent and Quinn is good and their dialogue is sharp.  I enjoyed how Ms. Smith developed the characters and their budding romance.  I also enjoyed the interaction between all of the secondary characters, especially the inn's employees.  Keisha Releford, the inn's day manager, was especially a treat.  The mystery of Quinn's death was also well developed and it was interesting watching Trent and Annabel solve the case.  When the identity of the murderer is revealed, it's quite surprising and I enjoyed the fact that the clues weren't overly obvious and actually made me think as I read the story.

     When the mystery is solved, will Annabel and Trent admit how deeply in love they are with each other and ultimately where will they live?  At the Sheffield Inn or will Annabel convince Trent to move to New York with her and attempt to get back to her dancing career?  You'll have to read A Dance to Die For to find out,  I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

My Rating:  4 of 5 Stars     

FTC Disclosure:  Book provided by Goddess Fish Promotions in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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  1. I don't read many romantic suspense books but I do like a good one every once and a while. This sounds like one I would like. Thanks so much!