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Virtual Book Tour for New York Dolls by Catherine L. Hensley

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Welcome to my stop on the Virtual Book Tour, presented by Reading Addiction Book Tours, for New York Dolls by Catherine L. Hensley.  Please leave a comment or question for Catherine to let her know you stopped by.  You can follow the rest of her tour by clicking on the banner above.  

The Dividends of Solid Editing by Catherine L. Hensley

Edit, edit, edit.  Then edit some more.
As an editor, I know the value of giving a second, third, or even fourth look to a piece of writing.  After my debut novel, New York Dolls, was selected for publication by 48fourteen Publishing, I learned even more how valuable the editorial process is. 

The book went through more than four rounds of editing and revisions, and even by the third round, errors in continuity were still being spotted.  Beyond the typos and grammatical errors and jumbles of syntax, tricky issues like a character wearing a black sweater on one page and a gray one a few pages later kept popping up—things I’d never noticed in the half dozen or so times I’d read, re-read, and proofed the book myself. 

That sweater situation loomed large deep into the editing rounds of New York Dolls.  My main character, Denton Hodges, has a bit of a complicated relationship with her trusty sweater throughout the novel, making it a key component of the plot.  Having it suddenly and mysteriously change colors from one chapter to the next would not be good.  Where was the editor in me when I was writing those pages?  After some creative re-workings of a few critical plot points, I resolved the issue, and Denton’s sweater was saved.

Having those extra pairs of eyes going through the manuscript early on proved to be invaluable.  It made me more attuned than ever to checking for consistency in addition to grammar and typos.  When you’ve written a book or a screenplay or anything creative, you’re too close to the material to be able to not only judge it impartially but notice what it’s missing or what’s mixed up in it.  Whether it’s one or three editors, those extra layers of scrutiny really are needed to make your work shine.

New York Dolls
By Catherine L. Hensley

Publisher:  48fourteen
Release Date: November 17, 2014
Genre: New Adult/Chick Lit/Romance
Length:  227 Pages
ISBN:  978-1937546397

Buy Links:  Amazon | B&N | Kobo

About the book:

It’s Fashion Week in New York, and Denton Hodges just got her first big assignment for Glitter magazine.

Denton’s assignment: Get in the show at the posh Regency Viscount Hotel, and find a story. But a chance encounter with hard-partying starlet Amber Donovan forever changes the course of the night—and Denton’s life. After a night of being chased by the paparazzi, swimming in swag bags, and falling heart over heels for Hollywood hunk Chris West, Denton’s not just on the story. She is the story.

Suddenly, Denton’s no longer merely a low-level assistant. Amber’s latching on like a BFF from hell, Chris is flirting and cooking her dinner, and as Denton falls for the real people behind the tabloid screen, neither knows about her ties to Glitter. Only Denton holds the secret—or so she thinks. Is Anna Creel, Glitter’s icy beauty editor, on to her? Will Denton be able to write a story exposing her new friends? And is Chris more than just a friend, or did Glitter get the headline right—“Chris and Amber: Hot Nights!”?

Step into the spotlight, and peek beyond the red carpet in New York Dolls.

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I took Josie’s hand so as not to lose her to another bouncer this time. We made it onto the dance floor, weaving through the bumpers and grinders getting low, low, low. I spotted the doorway opening to the patio, finally, up ahead past the edge of the dance floor and to the side of the roped-off VIP area. Josie and I joined the line for the patio.

Almost done, I kept thinking, like passing through this one final portal would be my rite of passage out of the tornado I’d gotten myself twisted up in. I wouldn’t have to lie that I’d been to the after-party. I could describe the scene, maybe see someone I recognized from the RV and get a quote. Or maybe Liz would buy an investigative journalism angle on this whole thing—“A Glitter World Exclusive: Reporter Denton Hodges Reveals Amber Donovan’s Hair Secret.” Play it like I was onto it all along.

And think of the material I could use—a puking Amber Donovan, needy, desperate, confused, not sure where she is or where she’s going, and Prince Charming Chris West, concerned, involved, pissed about having to make an appearance somewhere but willing to stay with you and make sure you’re all right, even giving you the shirt off his back. Who cares about what happened in between? I could take what I needed. This could be my exit—the patio outside and then a few slights of the pen.

Waiting in that line, plotting so many ways to cover my ass and make it all neat and tidy, I felt dirty, and something more...something like...devious. For the first time since Liz had given me this assignment, I really felt like Anna Creel. Like I got the story, I did what I had to, and that’s all that matters, so go have a freaking fashionable night, because I’m...

“Denny!” MD was coming down the stairs from a VIP booth.

“Oh my G!”

“Dee-Dee!” Amber pushed past the rope from the patio, tripping on her way toward me. Her purple wig had been replaced with a cherry-colored red one. “Oh my God, Dee-Dee! Where have you been? I neeeeeed you!”

“Anna?” That voice. I hope I’ll see you around.

I remembered his voice. He came up behind me and put his hand on my lower back. “Do you want to get out of here?” Why yes, Chris West, yes, actually I do. I don’t think I have the scoop on the story anymore. I am the story.

Catherine Hensley
 Catherine L. Hensley is a professional freelance editor and writer. From fiction and nonfiction manuscripts to academic pieces, she provides an extensive range of copyediting, proofreading, content editing, and writing services to a wide variety of clients located around the United States and abroad.

A native of south Louisiana, Catherine received her Master of Arts degree in creative writing and media studies from New York University and her bachelor of arts degree in English from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, with minors in history and mass communication. Her writing has appeared in The Advocate (Louisiana’s largest newspaper), OT Practice magazine, Quiet Mountain: New Feminist Essays, and Mused, the BellaOnline Literary Review. For more, visit

Twitter:  @NYDollsTheNovel

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