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Review for Come Here, Go Away by Lori L. Clark

Come Here, Go Away – Part 1
By Lori L. Clark
Come Here, Go Away – A Serial Novel in Five Parts

Publisher:  Lori L. Clark
Release Date: January 2, 2015
Genre: Short Story/Romantic Suspense/Erotic
Length:  61 Pages

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About the book:   

COME HERE, GO AWAY is a very steamy, angsty, emotionally charged and flawed romance between a feisty self-defense instructor and a jaded billionaire who may or not be responsible for the death of his ex-wife. It will be told over a five-week period, each installment available every Friday, beginning January 2, 2015 for the low, low price of 99c for each episode!

COME HERE, GO AWAY is the story of the steamy, screwed-up romance between Victoria "Tori" Isley and Ambrose Flynn. A couple of complete opposites brought together when Flynn--a smoking hot billionaire--hires Tori to train his daughter in self-defense.

Flynn was accused of hiring a hit-man to kill his ex-wife due to their bitter divorce and custody battle. Though Flynn was acquitted, the killer was never found and some still insist he's guilty. His daughter moved back home with him, and now, Flynn's convinced someone is going to kill her. Flynn maintains he had nothing to do with his ex-wife's murder and believes it was motivated by revenge. When Flynn hires Tori to give his daughter private lessons in self-defense at his mansion. Sparks fly!

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A fan of romantic suspense, I have to admit that I didn’t know if I would enjoy reading a “serial” novel where I would have to wait for the story to be told over a period of five weeks.  Being a member of the “fast food” generation, I’ll admit that I’m pretty used to getting things in a minute or less when it comes to most things but not books.  I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the first installment of Come Here, Go Away: Part 1 by Lori L. Clark.

A woman with a somewhat colorful past, Victoria ‘Tori” Isley is a survivor.  Working several different jobs, and teaching self-defense classes, Tori keeps herself busy and is determined to help other women become survivors.  Surprised by a job offer to train Ambrose Flynn’s daughter self-defense one on one.  A wealthy businessman who’s used to getting what he wants, Tori soon finds herself attracted to a man who may or may not have been involved in his wife’s murder.  Will Tori be able to teach Flynn’s daughter self-defense and also keep herself safe?

Ms. Clark does a good job developing Tori’s character in a very short amount of time.  I admired how she managed to survive the hand life has dealt her and how she’s managed to keep a pretty good attitude overall.  While we really don’t get to know Flynn as well as we do Tori, at least in the first part, I have to admit that I’m not one of his fans at this part in their “relationship”.  He’s arrogant, bossy and I’m not sure he’s as “innocent” of being involved in his wife’s death as he claims.  As for Flynn’s daughter, Ambrosia “Rose”, she’s a spoiled child who definitely needs to learn about the realities of life.

Will Tori let her attraction to Flynn distract her from her job?  Will she find herself in danger by working for Flynn?  You’ll have to read Come Here, Go Away: Part 1 to find out.  I enjoyed it but have to warn you that it ends on a cliffhanger!  Now I’m off to get the next installment to see what happens next.

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars 

FTC Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I did not receive any additional compensation for my opinion of the reading material provided.

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