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NBtM Tour & Giveaway - The Princess Bound by Robin Danner

Welcome to my stop on Robin Danner's Name Before the Masses Tour for The Princess Bound.  Please make sure to leave a comment or question below for her in order to let her know you stopped by and to enter her giveaway.  Robin will be awarding sword earrings and a knight figurine to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  You can follow her tour stops here, the more often you comment, the better your odds of winning.  


Interview with Robin Danner 

Me: The Princes Bound is the first book in The Princes series. Can you tell us how many books you are planning to write in this series and what your inspiration for this series was?

Robin: Sure! Originally I'd intended to write two books, The Princes Bound and The Princes Determined, but at the suggestion of my husband, a whole new story idea opened up and The Princes Knighted, the third book, was born. I have plans for a fourth and fifth book as well, which will be a spin-off of some of the characters mentioned in the third book.

My inspiration actually came from the play on the title phrase, Bound and Determined, so I actually came up with titles first. I knew I wanted princes, and I knew I wanted a kick-butt heroine that was a mix of Xena and Angelina Jolie. The rest just flowed from there!

Me: Did you always want to be a writer? When did you first know you were a writer?

Robin: I've always loved to write, but I didn't necessarily strive at a young age to become published. I would win school contests and I joined the newspaper/yearbook staffs, but my first dream was to become a doctor. During my last year of college, the possibility of being a published romance author occurred to me and I went for it.

Me: You write sweet historical romance as Robin but you also write more spicy books as Christy Gissendaner. Which name came first?

Robin: Christy did, as it was the name I was born with! ; )

But I did indeed publish my first works as Christy Gissendaner. The pen name, Robin Danner, came about when I submitted my first work to Liquid Silver Books back in 2005. At first the dual pen names were meant to keep my publishers (as I had two at the time) separate, but it ended up working out that Christy was contemporary and Robin was historical. I've stuck with that separation ever since.
Me: All of your books have been published by Liquid Silver Books - what has your experience with them been like since they are an ebook publisher only? 

Robin: Actually I have had several publishers, but the majority of my works are with Liquid Silver Books. LSB did venture into trade paperbacks and one of my works can still be found in print in the anthology Vixen Virgins, which is available as an ebook as well.
The majority of my publishers have been ebook only, although some have had a few prints runs. I've been lucky to have two of my works make it to print, but with the direction of publishing, it is only a matter of time until all books are electronic format. I can't wait for that day actually!

My experience with Liquid Silver Books has been great! I enjoy the other authors and staff and everyone is quite friendly. I've worked with many publishers, but the speed of communication and the timeline from contract to publication at LSB is definitely a point in their favor.

Me: What can we expect from you as a writer in 2013?

Robin: As Robin, I will be releasing the third Princes book. Hopefully more will come from that series in the first half of 2013.

As Christy, I will be releasing Gone to the Dogs, a comedic paranormal with Entangled's Covet line. I have several other submissions in the work as well.

Me: Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Robin: Total pantser here! I usually have a general idea of where I want to go, but sometimes my stories just write themselves. Or I feel that way, at least! I actually tried to sit down and write out plot points for a recent work and I just found it's much better for me to just sit at the computer and let the words flow onto the page.

Me: All of your books fall into the romance genre. Do you have plans to try any other genre?

Robin: No, I doubt I would ever venture outside the realm of romance. I do dip my toes into paranormals, comedies, suspense, fantasy, and historicals but romance will always be a huge part of what I write.

I suppose if I ever become famous, I wouldn't mind writing my autobiography one day! ; )

Quick Get To Know You Questions:

Favorite Color? Pink!!

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? I'm a southern gal, so it'll have to be sweet iced tea for me.

Favorite childhood book? Little Women or the Anne of Green Gables series
What are you currently reading? Other than my own? LOL! Take It Like A Vamp and rereading some of my favorite Madeline Hunter novels

Heels or boots? Neither...Flip flops are my footwear of choice

Summer or Winter? Autumn is actually my favorite season, but if I had to choose I would say summer (even though I hate sweating!)
Favorite Holiday tradition? Getting presents : ) Hey, at least I'm honest!


The Princess Bound
by Robin Danner

The Princess, Book 1 
Published by Liquid Silver
Publication Date: October 15, 2012

Historical Romance 
Length: 76 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-595789-78-5
Asin: B009RDV83O

Buy Links:


Prince Talin’s trusted captain, Nadia, is ordered to abduct his brother, Prince Mathis of Isidor, and bring him to the wedding of Talin and the daughter of their family’s sworn enemy. Loyalties are tested and enemies gather as Mathis and Nadia’s inescapable attraction threatens to bind the pair together.


Nadia still sat on the bench.

He approached her from behind, so she would be unaware of his presence until he was upon her. He stepped on a twig and cursed.

His stealth left much to be desired.

Nadia swung around to face him, and her face mirrored her shock. “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you I suppose. Just talking a walk in the garden.”

She turned back around with a huff. “Well, don’t let me stop you.”

He admired her formidability. “Do you think we could call a truce?”

She glanced back toward him with eyes full of suspicion. “A truce?”

“Yes. I will forgive you for abducting me if you forgive me for escaping.” He stopped next to the bench and smiled down at her.

Her cat’s eyes narrowed even further. “What need do I have of a truce? After today, I will scarcely see you.”

“You will see me for a few days more.”

Her gaze swung to his. “I thought you would return to Isis immediately?”

“May I?” He motioned to the bench.

She nearly slid off the edge to make room for him.

Two feet of distance separated them once he had taken his seat. “I will return home soon. My kingdom needs me.” He heaved a sigh. “But my brother needs me as well.”

“So are you no longer angry with him, for sending me to bring you to N’ior?”

“Oh, I am still upset with him.” A reluctant smile curved his lips. “Yet it is hard to stay angry with Talin. You only did what was asked of you. I bear no ill will toward you.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Robin Danner writes sweet and sexy historicals and lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons. When she is not writing, she enjoys watching reality television and singing karaoke … quite possibly off-key!

She is a graduate of Troy University and published her first novel not long after earning her degree in Biology. She currently works full-time as a billing clerk and shuffles her time between writing, work, and her family. 

Please make sure to leave a comment or question below for her in order to let her know you stopped by and to enter her giveaway.  Robin will be awarding sword earrings and a knight figurine to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  You can follow her tour stops here, the more often you comment, the better your odds of winning.