Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Review/ Warlord's Destiny/ Delilah Devlin/ Ellora's Cave

Title:  Warlord's Destiny
Author:  Delilah Devlin
Publisher:  Ellora's Cave
Genre:  Rubenesque- Erotic
Print ISBN:  978-1419953033 (Fated Mates Anthology)
eBook ISBN:  978-1419926204
Length:  Novella
Format:  eBook

Book Blurb: 
Mora has no illusions she’s anything other than the sacrificial lamb to ensure peace between her peace-loving planet and the warlike world that demands a royal union with one of their own. However, when she meets the rugged warlord who will be her husband, Mora decides in that moment to win his heart—she’ll settle for nothing less.
When Lord Tetrik suspects his wife harbors tender feelings, he wonders if he can be the husband she desires. After all, love for a woman is a frivolous thing—and not a warlord’s destiny.

Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Fated Mates anthology.

My Review:

This novella was part of the Fated Mates Anthology and just this week became an individual release.  I really enjoyed reading this novella by Ms. Devlin, it was very well done. 

The main character is Mora, a young woman who is used to being considered second best in her home due to the fact that she does not have a small willowy shape.  She's tall and somewhat strong for a woman and has a plush figure.  Her family has always found fault with her and have decided that she will fulfill the bargain that the Mellusian people had made with the Kronaki warriors- she is given in marriage to Lord Tetrik.  She decides to seize this opportunity and make the best of her marriage, even if she is somewhat intimidated by her new husbands large size.

Lord Tetrik is an interesting hero, he's fierce and realizes that he is being cheated by the Mellusian's in that they have changed brides on him but he sees Mora's inner strength in her demeanor and decides to take accept her without making a scene.  He is intrigued by the fact that she is not afraid. He takes her back to his home and plans to initiate her in the ways of his people and if the fates allow sire children with her. 

Both Mora and Tetrik wanted their marriage to work for different reasons at the start, however, the more time that they spent together, the more they understood and liked each other.  The wedding night scene was very passionate and hot.  Mora wants Tetrik to love her for herself and is willing to do what it takes to obtain his love, Tetrik in return sees her effort and finds himself wanting her to stay out of choice and not obligation.  Watching their emotions for each other grow was very rewarding and I was very satisfied with the ending of the novella.

My Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure:  The reviewer purchased the copy of the book for review.  No other remuneration was provided.

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