Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Celebration Continues- Day Two

Birthday Celebration Day 2

Today's Prizes will be:

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To enter the contest please answer the question below and also please make sure to leave your email address so that I may contact the winners:

What is your favorite gift that someone has given you for your birthday?

Contest Open to All US and International Residents.

Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. Hey Maria,
    I didn't know you pubbed this blog. I follow it on my dashboard. First I want to wish you a very happy birthday filled with all your dreams and wishes to come true. Now what was the best present I had. I'm gonna have to say it was the hubs and he gave me Harmony's Way which introed me to Lora Leigh and her Breed series. Usually everyone gives me money or a gift card but the hubs actually takes the time to ask me or now that I have a TBR word processor doc by the name of TBR mountain, I think he'll check it and get me one from that list. This year he will have 1857 books to choose from. Have a great day. I'm off to check your other blog.


  2. Oh wow... Best birthday gift. Humm..
    This is sad to say... but nothing really knocks me out when I think of the presents I have received for my birthday. My Mom always gives me LSU stuff and Charlie Brown stuff. But since my bday is close to halloween, I throw myself a party! So I guess that is my present. Sniff, I might have to work on this!
    Thanks for the chance again!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday celebration day 2!!

    My very best birthday gift ever ever ever came about a month early but I have to say the birth of my son! We tried for 6 years to get pregnant a second time and it just wasn't happening! I went through so much during those years and was finally told to be happy I had a child, there wasn't anymore they could do! We never gave up, got pregnant on our own and our little miracle was due....Christmas Day! He came a week early and I've always considered him to be my very special birthday gift...a month early! :)

  4. my favorite gift was a necklace my grandmother gave me. I'm named after her so she gave me a necklace with our initial on it.

  5. My fav gift? I am such a techno nerd. I have to say my iPhone, 2 years ago. AND I'm getting the new one again, right around my birthday this year!

    natasha AT likeminds DOT ca

  6. My favorite present was my first ereader that my hubby gave me. Been hooked on ebooks ever since.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  7. Favorite birthday gift? A very fancy dinner out with the hubby, sans kids ;) It's such a rare treat these days! And the food was divine :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  8. I have had two I really, really liked one I gave to myself 3 years ago. I share my birthday with my youngest of nine Ephriam and the other is when I was pregnant with #3 and for my 24th birthday my girlfriends gave me a surprise birthday party, the only one I've ever had.

  9. The best thing that anyone every gave me for my birthday was a pair of diamond earrings from my sister. They were a big surprise and I loved them.


  10. Well when i was a teen we where very poor.but for X-Mas my mother started a book club up for me.and i had book that i want that i did not have to give back to the libery.of corse now my room is full of them books selves on every wall.

  11. My favorite gift was a stunning diamond pendant and earrings from my hubby....I was floored...He just doesn't do that kind of thing.

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  12. Most birthday gifts I do not remember but this my friend got me a charm from Tiffany's.
    linze_e at hotmail.com