Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration Day 5 - Final Contest

Today I will be awarding 3 winners a choice of the following eBooks:

Three years after he walked away and broke her heart, Leo is back in Chloe’s life and that’s the last place she wants him. Not that she has any choice in the matter. She’s in big trouble. She needs somebody to watch her back, and he’s the “somebody”.

Three years ago, Chloe dumped a bombshell in Leo’s lap. I’m psychic, she told him. As if he was supposed to believe that. His world is black and white, and he doesn’t buy into that mumbo-jumbo. Walking away from her damn near killed him, but he couldn’t be with somebody he couldn’t trust.

His new job? Keep Chloe safe. That’s it. He’s not supposed to touch her. He’s not supposed to make love to her. He’s not supposed to want her…need her…love her. But he can’t stop thinking about her, can’t stop dreaming about her. Now that she’s back in his life, he can’t keep his hands off her either


Once a woman’s deepest, darkest desires have been exposed—whetting her appetite for taboo pleasures of the flesh—her unquenchable hungers will not be denied.

Floggers and whips

Chains and leather restraints

Erotic rewards and punishments…oh my!

Seduced by erotic stories and the forbidden lure of Dominance and submission, Evie Sloan longs to explore the scintillating delights firsthand. While some fantasies are better left to the imagination, for the chance to visit a real BDSM club, she’s willing to take a risk.

Been there, done that, seen it all—or so jaded Dominant Niko Kovalenko thought. Evie’s arrival on the scene reawakens long-dormant passions and ramps them up to a whole new level. She’s an exciting challenge, a dangerous temptation, igniting the compulsion to posses. To collar.

Evie is no man’s submissive pet. Niko strips her bare, sheds light on all her secret desires and weaknesses, but it’s still not enough for him. To win her man, she’ll have to confront her fears and find a way to bridge the distance between them.


Sophie has never had an orgasm. Too much guilt and a horrific teenage tragedy have left her self-conscious about her body. But her two roommates and best friends, Sam and Jordan, find Sophie beyond desirable. Together, they set a steamy seduction into play that awakens Sophie’s passion…and her love for Sam.

Both men are more than willing to help satisfy her sexually. To finally free herself from the pains of the past and accept love in her life, Sophie must reveal her darkest secret to Sam. And hope he returns her love, even knowing her deepest flaws.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title A Subtle Seduction and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.

To enter the contest please answer the question below and please make sure to leave your email address and your choice of book if you win.

Question:  My plans for the weekend are to recover from a busy week.  What are you planning to do this weekend?

Contest Open to All- Both US and International Residents.  Winner to be announced on Saturday June 26th by Noon CST.

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. This has been a fun birthday week Maria!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    We are trying to finish up our front yard. Hubby decided to do a complete redo on it and right now it looks like a construction zone! I think we are picking brick for a little patio he has decided he wants to add to it!

  2. What a great week,thanks for introducing me to a few new authors.

    My plans,well today is my birthday, so I'll be having a family dinner tonight. Sat and Sun I hope to fix my gardens now that the rain has stopped and to get some reading done.

    If I win I'd pick Tempestuous


  3. I don't plan on doing a whole lot still tired from work. I'm taking care of my nephew while my sister works and will probably have one of my nieces stay all night. Other than watch them all I plan on doing is being on the computer and reading a book or two this weekend. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for the great contest this week it's been fun.

  4. Wow, three really great all honesty, I would really like to have all three, but if I'm not allowed to be greedy and have to choose just one, I choose Nicole Austin's book.

    This weekend I am doing paperwork. *raspberry noise* I have a basket on the corner of my desk and when the paperwork, envelopes, receipts and all the other scraps of paper computers were supposed to save us from fills the basket to the top (or perhaps to just a teeny bit over the top), the time has come to organize it, file it or toss it. Is the excitement almost too much for you? And then...I am going to put on my bathing suit, grab my reader, lay out a beach towel on the living room floor under the ceiling fan, and pretend that I am reading at the beach!

    Thanks for asking.

  5. Oops, forgot the email thingee...

    donnafisk at bellsouth dot net

  6. Happy Birthday week!!!

    Saturday I will be doing the Do Nothing But Read challenge that is being hosted on the Internet. Sunday will probably be a day spent with the kids swimming (since I'll be reading all day Saturday!!)

    If I had my will probably be Shiloh Walker.

    ktulanko AT aol DOT com

  7. I'm going to do laundry, go shopping, and catch up on some reading. Have to do some baking for the family.

  8. Those are three fabulous looking books to choose from!

    I plan on doing some book organizing. I need to go through my mountain of books and decide if there are any I need to get rid of...ones that I know I will never read again. I've been in the process of cataloging them all. It's a chore but I will be happy when it's all done.

    I love menage and have a growing admiration for books with BDSM I think my choice would have to be the Shiloh Walker book. She's one of my fav authors!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    booklover1335 at gmail (dot) com

  9. It's been a fun week and I hope your birthday has been very memorable!

    My weekend will be full or reading and writing reviews. Also hoping to catch up on one or two tv shows that started recently, but are still trapped on my dvr.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  10. My plans for the weekend are work (unfortunately), dropping by my cousin's graduation party (they grow up so fast!), and hopefully read a bunch. I just got a good portion of the House of Night novels in from work (library!), so I can't wait to delve further into the series.

    And maybe finish up watching Blood Ties season 2.

    Hope you have a good weekend!
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  11. Weekend plans? Sort through the big piles of kid clothes sitting in the living room and clear some space :) Maybe I'll reward myself with some reading time, too!

    These all sound good, but I'll go with Tempestuous.
    Thanks for a fabulous birthday week, Maria!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  12. Thanks for sharing your birthday week with us. Tonight we are celebrating a belated Father's Day for my dad. We waited until my out of town sister and hubby could make it, so it should be tons of fun. Always lots of laughter whenever the whole gang gets together.

    Then recoup day tomorrow and another bbq on Sunday.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  13. Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with us. I don't have any plans right now and might end up staying home watching soccer and tennis.

    I would love to win a copy of "Never As It Seems."

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  14. I'm realy behind on my author contest that you got to get in before the end of june hopfully i can get some of that done.Got to go to wrighter space contest on Coffeetime contest and maybe author island more then likly will not get to them all.
    I would love to win Never as it Seems by Shiloh Walker


  15. My weekend plans include sending my daughter off again. She went over seas and got back five days ago... Now I am shipping her off to DC.... for school this time... for four weeks!
    So... my weekend is split with emotion....

    I would love Tempestuous Nicole Austin!
    Thanks for the chance!

  16. I am working all weekend but may try to run by the bookstore. Looking forward to reading Nicole Austin's Tempestuous.
    linze_e at