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Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway for Sunsinger by Robyn Bachar

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Welcome to my stop on the Virtual Book Tour, presented by Goddess Fish Promotions, for Sunsinger by Robyn Bachar.  Please leave a comment or question for Robyn to let her know you stopped by.  You can enter her tour wide giveaway, for a $25 Amazon GC, by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  You can also follow the rest of Robyn’s tour by clicking on the banner above, the more stops you visit, the better your odds of winning. 

Game Master by Robyn Bachar

Before I was a published author I was a Storyteller, a Game Master, a Dungeon Master, and a Guild Leader. I guided characters through plotlines and adventures in roleplaying games, but those characters were controlled by my buddies. Roleplaying games are great storytelling opportunities, but players are unpredictable. They often went off on tangents that I never planned for. An adventure I’d spent all week planning could fall apart with one bad roll of the dice.

Eventually I realized that I am a control freak when it comes to my stories. I want my characters to go through their adventure with a minimum amount of backtalk. I want them to defeat the evil and live happily ever after without worrying that the hero won’t roll high enough to slay the dragon, or that the heroine will bleed to death before the medic gets to her. (I once had a character die in a game because the healer fell asleep in his chair.)

My passion for gaming shows up in each of my stories, particularly in the Cy’ren Rising series—it’s in every sword duel, laser gunfight, and epic space battle. From my old school days of playing Dark Forces, Rebel Assault, and X-Wing on my IBM computer to my more recent addiction to the Mass Effect series on my Xbox 360, I love saving the galaxy. I wanted to write an epic adventure with the fate of the galaxy at stake, with action, drama and steamy romance, and so the Cy’ren Rising books were born. They were an absolute blast to write, and I hope readers enjoy them.

By Robyn Bachar
The Cy'ren Rising Trilogy, Book 3

Publisher:  Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Release Date:  December 23, 2014
Genre: Romance/Paranormal & Alternate Worlds/Red Hot Science Fiction/Multiple Partners
Length:  231 Pages
ISBN:  9781619222861

Buy Links:  Kindle | Nook | Kobo | ARe | Samhain  | iTunes

About the book: 

Her desire unites them. Her secret could destroy them all.

The lord.

The sole survivor of the Sunsinger massacre, Lord Degalen Fairren spends his days reading tales of the family he never knew. When a rival house threatens to enslave Cyprena, Galen is forced to pull his nose out of his books and enter into an alliance with House Morningstar, and a dangerous mission to save his world.

The assassin.

Lady Andelynn Harrow isn’t House Morningstar’s eldest or prettiest daughter, but she is the deadliest. After her father’s murder, Andee must defend her new house and mate—the shy, reluctant Galen—but every battle risks revealing her terrible secret.

The slave.

Malcolm gets his first taste of freedom when the Cy’ren recruit him to locate the cure to a deadly virus—and feels the burn of desire for Galen, the lord he can never have, and for Andee, who awakens memories of a long-lost first love.

The danger they face fuels the heat between them, but with Cyprena’s fate hanging in the balance, the race to find the cure could come with devastating costs.

Warning: Contains a blushing, virgin lord, a sexy geek, and an empathic assassin who always brings lube on a mission.

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Cursing, Andee shoved Galen behind cover next to Malcolm and then knelt beside them. She ordered Sharp to lay down covering fire. When the marine shouted for her to go Andee leapt into action and used Sharp’s distraction to her advantage. Andee dropped two guards before they could react and Sharp’s pistol took out a third—good thing the man was a decent shot, because she didn’t want to fall to friendly fire. But the fourth guard was a tougher foe, his energy empty of fear or hesitation. He fired at Galen and Malcolm’s hiding place, and Andee threw herself in harm’s way. The bolt burned a ragged line across her stomach—ugly but not deep—and she swallowed the scream of pain that bubbled up and channeled her adrenaline into a kick to his knee. The guard stumbled as he raised his rifle for a second shot, but before he could fire Galen tackled him to the floor.

Andee lurched forward and cut the guard’s throat. She sheathed her blades then took Galen’s arm and pulled him away, checking him for injuries.

“A’gra, you’re wounded,” he blurted. She flinched and snarled in pain when he touched the burn. Andee staggered, nearly overwhelmed with the force of Galen’s concern for her, and then she caught his hands and steeled her shields.

“It’s all right. Just a graze,” she assured him through gritted teeth.

“Why did you do that? You could have been killed!”

“It’s a privilege to die for my house,” she quoted grimly. Andee stepped back as Malcolm approached them, wide eyed but uninjured. “Are you ready to go?” she asked him.


“Let’s move out.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Robyn Bachar enjoys writing stories with soul mates, swords, spaceships, vampires, and gratuitous violence against the kitchen sink. Her paranormal romance Bad Witch series, historical paranormal romance series Bad Witch: The Emily Chronicles, and spicy space opera romance trilogy Cy’ren Rising are available from Samhain Publishing. Her books have finaled in PRISM Contest for Published Authors, the Passionate Plume Contest, and twice in the EPIC eBook Awards.

As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in mmorpgs.

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