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VBT - Taming The Outback by Ann B. Harrison

Welcome to my stop on Ann B. Harrison's Taming The Outback Virtual Book Tour.  Ann was kind enough to prepare a guest post for us today.  Please be sure to leave a comment or question for her below and enter her contest using the Rafflecopter Form below.  You can follow Ann's blog tour here


By Ann B. Harrison

With the release of the movie Ruby Sparks, I got to thinking. Dangerous I know. It's the story of a writer and how his character comes to life.

What character would I like to see in real life, either mine or someone else's?

This is where I'm torn between two very alpha males. Did I mention I love a very alpha male?

One of my favorite all time romances would have to be Cross Stitch by Diana Galbaldon. Who could go past Jaime Fraser and did I mention he wears a kilt? Love me a man in a kilt. His rich brogue voice filled my head while I read page after page. I loved this series so much I read it three times. The lengths Jaime went to so that Claire had a dress for her wedding day made my heart melt. Even when he punished her by using his broadsword on her backside I didn't lose any respect for the man. He was teaching her a lesson after all and in those days it was very different to what it is now.

My favorite book this year would have to be A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Who wouldn't fall in love with Matthew, a sensual vampire? He is rich as they all are, handsome and just mysterious enough to pique the interest of Diana Bishop, a historian with a deep secret. The way that Ms Harkness melded their stories with history and legends pulled me in very easily. Matthew is a very strong alpha male, just how I like them.
So, there you have two characters I would like to meet. Who would you choose?


Title: Taming the Outback
Author: Ann B. Harrison
Publisher: Breathless Press
Length: 159 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Is Libby prepared to give up her new home for a chance to roll Nathan in the hay when her libido wakes up after five long years?

Nathan Miller rattles Libby's nerves more than she cares to admit. He is the one person that stands between her and the family home that has been left to her.

So why then is he the guy that stirs her up to such an extent that her body pulses with the need to have him? They do nothing but clash and snap at one another and he makes no bones about the fact that she shouldn't be on the station, but back in the city where he thinks she belongs.

Libby fights to learn about her new home while struggling to find a way into Nathans heart. She almost loses it all when a flood hits their tiny town and rips through her farm putting her daughter's life in danger.

Will she be able to convince him that she is not the irresponsible city chick he has dubbed her or will he see her as she truly is, a woman in love with him.


"That's just it, sweetheart," Nathan exploded, his frustration finally rearing its ugly head as he rounded on her, giving her the brunt of his foul mood. "This is a harsh country, and buts just don't cut it out here. You are cut out for the city life for Christ's sake. You're not a farmer. You don't have the slightest idea of what you're getting yourself into. You proved that by almost losing Tom and your daughter." The look on Holly's face when he had found them was still burned into his mind. The poor kid had been terrified she wasn't going to be able to hold onto Tom against the rush of water. He couldn't bear to think of what would have happened if he hadn't made it in time. How can I be sure Libby won't put her in any more danger now that I have had my heartstrings tugged tight? He stood and looked down on her, trying to keep his face void of emotions but his heart was telling him to take her in his arms and put them both out of their misery. "How many more times are you going to put those kids at risk?"

"Now just you look here," she cried, pushing him back and struggling to get to her feet. "I may be a barmaid, and I know I have a lot to learn, but learn I will. And for your information, I would never knowingly put my kids in danger. Neither would Tom."

"You don't belong here," he ground out. Though aware the words he was saying were hurtful, he couldn't stop himself. They were his only defense. He was trying to will her away from him the only way he knew how, unwilling to risk his heart to a city dweller again. As much as he wanted this woman, he wouldn't let her know it. She had the capacity to break his heart when the going got tough, which was in the cards looking at the state of her farm, and he wasn't sure he would survive another crushed heart. Better to get her out of here now before he caved in. "Get used to the idea and move on back home where you belong."

"Why? So you can take over?" She practically spat at him. "I will not give up what my family has passed down to me. It's mine, and you aren't going to get it."

"There's more than one way to get what I want." Nathan hauled her into his arms.

Libby tried to push him away, but the contact of her breasts on his hard chest knocked the wind out of him, and he held onto her for dear life. He groaned deep in his throat as he pressed his lips against hers, demanding and hungry. The heat rushed through his veins as his hands slid down to cup her denim-clad butt, pulling her against his hips, leaving her in no doubt he wanted her. She wound her arms around his neck as she molded her body closer to his, impatient noises coming from her mouth.


"This is my dance, I think." Nathan shot a cool glance at his rival. The cowboy nodded his head in defeat and walked away. Nathan put his arm around her back and twined his fingers through her right hand, gripping her tightly. He dipped his hand lower to rest on the curve of her back, and he pulled her close. The music and the crowd ceased to exist as he danced with her. Libby couldn't tear her eyes from his as they moved as one, shutting out the rest of the world. When another cowboy tried to cut in, Nathan frowned enough to have him backing away.

The possessive action made Libby's stomach tighten. It was a machismo thing to do, and she loved it. He was jealous, and the thought made her groin clench tight as heat raced through her. When the band stopped for a break, Nathan led her to the door and guided her outside. Couples were spread out around the entrance talking and laughing as he led her over toward the cattle yards. The night was lit up with a full moon and a smattering of stars.

A chill rippled over her skin as he pushed her gently back against the wooden structure. His lips lightly skimmed over her chin before his tongue traced her bottom lip. She swallowed a gasp as he traced a line down one side of her neck with his lips before traveling back up to her mouth. His tongue sought refuge in her mouth, tasting and tempting her like a starving man grasping for food. The thrill went straight to her stomach, and her thighs clenched together to stall the explosion building up inside her.

She lifted her arms around his neck, and he pushed against her, his erection evidentially straining as he cupped her face in his hands.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing to me?" he whispered, his kisses raining over her face.

"I can stop at any time," she panted, her eyes half-closed.

"Bullshit." He grunted, kissing the side of her mouth. He trailed his lips down her throat to kiss the tops of her breasts, making her nipples rub against the soft fabric. He danced his tongue along the neckline as she squirmed against him, willing his mouth to go further. She groaned as he blew gently in the cleavage of her breasts, and her breath caught in her throat.

His hands stilled as a group of giggling teenagers came their way. He pulled away, leaving her suddenly cold without his body against hers. Libby pulled herself from the fence and stood on shaking legs, wishing they were somewhere more private where she could do what she had set out to do. Brushing her hands over her full skirt and checking her breasts were well-contained in her bodice, she spoke to him. "I think it's best if we go in now, don't you?"

He grabbed her by the arm and stopped her. "Give me just a minute."

Libby looked at his erection, still prominent against his jeans. She smiled to herself. The night hadn't yet ended. She would just find another place to seduce Nathan. She waited quietly as he adjusted himself and took a few deep breaths.



Ann swears she was born with a book in her hand and has never put it down. A lifelong love of reading has finally culminated in achieving her dream of writing…and publication.

She lives in the middle of the desert in Australia in a small mining town with her own handsome hero of many years. Ann has always loved the ups and downs of life in small communities and she shares this with readers in her rural romances.

Strong, spunky heroines with a good dose of sass thrown in feature in her stories. Of course these women need an equally strong hero. Bring on the Outback hero and watch the passion ignite.

When not writing, Ann runs a day care centre and looks after young children for working Mums and Dads. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, walking her very large dog, Hugo, and fighting with her computer.


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  1. The heroes I want to come to life usually change with each book I am reading, but I just love an alpha man :) So this week it would have to be Hayden from the Contagium series. He is military, built, sweet and caring, and can kill zombies to boot :) I love your post and excerpts!

  2. That's a beautiful cover.

    I would love JM from the BDB by JR Ward to come to life and come sweep me off my feet. *sigh*


  3. I would love to have Roarke from the In Death series come by and visit. Irish, handsome, rich and with that 'bad boy' edge, what's not to like.