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Virtual Book Tour & #Giveaway for Tempt the Night by Dixie Lee Brown

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Tempt the Night
By Dixie Lee Brown
Trust No One, Book 5

Publisher:  Avon Impulse
Release Date:  February 24, 2015
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length:  384 Pages
ISBN:  978-0062328335


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About the book:

Dixie Lee Brown concludes her thrilling Trust No One series with the fast-paced tale of a damaged hero and the sexy fugitive he can't help falling for.

Samantha "Mac" McCallister barely believes her own tale of dirty cops and murder that landed her in the hands of the sexy Jim Brady. One minute she was enjoying a ride-along in her best friend's cruiser, the next he's dead and she's wanted for his murder. Mac never expected to be hiding out from the law, but with Jim by her side, maybe she can survive long enough to clear her name. The question is, can she survive the way Jim makes her feel?

Former Navy Seal Jim Brady works best under pressure. At least he used to. Now, fighting flashbacks from his time in Iraq, he has given up everything he knows in order to protect the innocent … from himself. So working with a woman on the run from the law? Not in his plans for this lifetime. Still, something about the blue-eyed beauty tells him she's not the source of the danger—she's running from it. Deep down he knows he'll protect her no matter what. But his heart? That's another story.


The radio crackled to life and they both automatically tuned in to the dispatcher. 

“Anyone in the vicinity of 633 Lincoln Street, we have a 10-90.”

Silent alarm in progress. Mac always got a little shot of adrenaline when a call went out sending one of the Alaska State Troopers into an unknown situation. Most nights, she’d have been the one to make that call if not for this silly ride-along Paddy had talked her into. Eight years on the job gave her seniority among the small staff of dispatchers she shared her duties with, but she still chose the graveyard shift. Inevitably, the whack jobs and sickos came out after midnight.

Paddy scooped up the mike and held it to his mouth. “Copy that. Sierra Tango eighteen responding.”

“Roger, Sierra Tango eighteen.” Mac’s friend, Lucas, was covering her shift tonight.

“That’s just around the corner.” Paddy returned the mike to its hanger beside the radio. “Okay, finally, something to do besides drive around and argue with you. We’ll go in quiet and dark.”

The radio chirped again. “Negative, Sierra Tango eighteen. Simpson and I are right out front. We’ve got this.”

“Oh, hell.” Paddy’s disappointed sigh clearly indicated his level of boredom with the inactivity of the evening. He grabbed the radio. “Roger that. Sierra Tango eighteen out.” He turned toward Mac with a grin. “Your buddy, Gallagher…cutting in on my action.”

Mac chuffed a contemptuous breath. “He’s not my buddy.”

“Well, you went to the homecoming dance with him our senior year.”

“I can’t believe you! That was eight years ago. Give me a break. Besides, that was before I found out how horny he was.” She’d never told Paddy just how awful that night had been.

He snickered and reached toward her, pushing her long brunette waves behind her shoulder, his eyes asking forgiveness for bringing the whole thing up. Mac met his gaze and memories of the two of them growing up next door to each other, inseparable all through school, filled her mind. He was the one person she could always count on…no matter what. She loved him like a brother and could never stay irritated with him for more than two seconds.

Paddy moved his hand back to the steering wheel, hit his blinker and turned left onto Lincoln Street.

“What are you doing?” It was a foolish question, and she knew the answer. Except for her misguided decision to attend college in Anchorage, ended by a disastrously short career as an exotic dancer, she’d lived in Sitka all her life. The address the dispatcher had given was home to Wagner’s Fish Packing Plant, and it sat dead center in the middle of the next block.

Paddy grinned and winked. “Just a little drive-by—making sure they don’t need backup.”  He slowed as they approached the intersection, then braked sharply. “What the hell?”

Mac followed his gaze halfway down the block. The packing plant was on the right, an Alaska State cruiser parked on the street, and three guys stood in front of the entry. “Do you recognize them?” Sitka was a small town, but she’d never seen these men before.

Paddy shook his head slowly. “Those are automatic weapons they’re packing.” He killed the lights and made a quick left into a dark, sparsely populated lot, parked in the farthest corner, and grabbed the mike. “Dispatch, this is Sierra Tango eighteen. I’m at 633 Lincoln Street. Be advised of a possible 10-32. Are you in contact with Gallagher and Simpson?”

“Negative. No contact since they entered the building.”

“Copy that, dispatch. We’re going to need some more backup out here. I’ll have a look around.” Paddy placed the mike back on its hanger.

Lucas immediately put out the call for additional help, but Mac only heard bits and pieces of the thread. If she hadn’t taken the night off, she’d be the one making that call, sending backup to Paddy’s location. Man, it seemed so different—clinical—on that end. Out here it was just plain scary. Her heart pounded in her ears, and her stomach ached with dread. This wasn’t what she’d anticipated when Paddy had convinced her to ride along with him. She was a complete coward. Oh my God! She couldn’t breathe. She was hyperventilating.
Author Info

DIXIE LEE BROWN lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by what she believes is the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who make sure she never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, and trips to the beach.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads 

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