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Book Tour & Review - Tudor Rubato by Jamie Salisbury

Welcome to my stop on Jamie Salisbury's Blog Tour for Tudor Rubato.  Please be sure to leave a comment or question below for Jamie, as she will be awarding a copy of her book to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of the tour.  


Tudor Rubato
by Jamie Salisbury
Tudor Dynasty, Book 2
Published by Jamie Salisbury
Release Date: October 30, 2012


Having survived a near-death experience all Amadeus Tudor wants to do is escape to the countryside of Scotland with his wife Zara so the two can have some much needed down time together as a couple and work on rebuilding their relationship.  Life for the past couple of years, however has been “a long, strange trip (it’s been)”* for the internationally acclaimed rock star, with no signs of stopping.  (*Grateful Dead - Truckin')

But before the couple can even get away, tragedy hits close to home forcing the couple into almost delaying their new adventure. Grace Tudor, the family matriarch insists the two embark on their new adventure and recommitting to each other immediately.

The change of scenery proves exactly what Amadeus needs to reboot his songwriting and his all encompassing bond with Zara.  Together they embrace their new adventure as slowly Amadeus, with the guidance of music icon, Peter McNichol embarks on what promises to be another notch in Amadeus’ career.

The road is full of twists and turns for the pair as one moment finds them frolicking in the meadows outside Edinburgh to the next learning the shocking and sinister side of one of Amadeus’ own brothers.


I closed the front door and found Amadeus back in the kitchen helping himself to a huge slice of the blackcurrant pie. He certainly had no problem finding the plates and forks.

“Amadeus! I was going to warm the pasties so we could eat first.”

“But I’m starving.”

“So am I. Put it down. I’ll heat up these pasties so we can eat. Why don’t you open the bottle of wine. And put that pie down!”

“Mmm, okay,” he mumbled as he crammed his mouth full of pie.

I walked over and snatched the plate out of his hand, knowing full well he would eat the entire piece while we waited for the main course. Fortunately for us, the pasties were still fairly warm and I popped them into the microwave for a minute just to make them hot.

I found a corkscrew in a drawer and tossed it to him as I looked for a couple of wine glasses. I took two out of the cabinet and walked them over to him. As I laid them down, the buzzer on the microwave beeped letting me know the pasties were ready. I plated them, grabbed a couple of forks and walked over to the kitchen table situated along a cheerful large window. Amadeus quickly followed and placed a glass next to me as he sat down across the table.

The food was good, and we were both hungrier than we thought. We devoured all four of the pasties before Amadeus was back at his slice of pie. My mind was still spinning with the events of the day. It had been quite a long day for that matter, but I was too keyed up for sleep.

Instead I got up, gathered the dishes and put them in the dishwasher before I walked back over to where Amadeus sat, still at the kitchen table. I began to massage his neck and shoulders.

“How does that feel?”

“God you’ve got good hands. That feels wonderful.”

I knew beneath the table Amadeus was hard as granite, the blood running like lava through his veins, and I knew where this was going if I kept touching him.

I moved his hair to one side and began kissing him against the nape of his neck and smiled as a shudder rippled through him.

“Amadeus,” I cooed softly, “would you like to check out our new bedroom?”

It was all the encouragement he needed. Noisily he shoved back his chair and hauled me into his arms. “Why go all the way upstairs to the bedroom, love?”
Copyright©2012Jamie Salisbury


Author Bio and Links: 

Jamie Salisbury cannot imagine a time when she did not write. A skill that has served her well throughout her diversified professional career that encompassed public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, and special event planning.

 An avid reader of history, biographies, and romance it's only natural that she prefers to write  romances with characters said to be "so authentic they spring forth from the page and shake the reader's hand." No stranger to life threatening situations Jamie pulls from life experience when she creates her stories. Such as when her family had to escape Chile when she was a teen because of the unstable political climate.

 Finding herself unable to walk great distances  as a result of  several foot surgeries, she started writing once again as a way to pass the time. With the completion of her first novel Perpetual Love she dove head first into the eBook and digital publishing paradigm. She couldn't be happier with her decision to grab the publishing industry by the shoulders and force it to pay attention to all she has to offer.

Contact Links
Twitter: @JamieRSalisbury


My Review:

Sex, drugs and rock n roll, all take a part in Jamie Salisbury's Tudor Rubato, the second book in her Tudor Dynasty series.  With likable characters, a mystery and plenty of family drama, Ms. Salisbury picks up the tale of rock star Amadeus Tudor and his wife Zara, six months after the events which took place in Tudor Rose.  Set in both Seattle and Scotland, this  contemporary romance provided me with an afternoon of entertaining fun.

The youngest of three musically gifted brothers, Amadeus Tudor is at the height of his career when a suspicious incident placed him in the hospital fighting for his life.  Now, six months later, as he recovers he's angry, somewhat bitter and hurting those he loves.  Blaming his wife for the loss of their child, he's pushing away the one person who's been there for him through both the good times and the bad.  In this book, Ms. Salisbury provides us with a look at an artist who is his own best enemy.  Proud, arrogant and somewhat mean, it would be easy to hate Amadeus for acting like a spoiled, rich brat.  Yet we soon realize he's acting out due to his emotional pain and fear.  

Zara Tudor, Amadeus' wife, has been in love with him since soon after they first met.  Having been his agent, and then his bodyguard, she's still getting used to being his wife.  Overseeing her husband's medical care and not taking care of herself, she ends up losing their first child.  While she's devastated at the loss of their child, she's unprepared to have Amadeus blame her.  I really like how Ms. Salisbury continues to develop Zara's personality and character throughout this series; a strong woman she always has what's best for Amadeus in her heart - she knows she has to draw the line at letting him blame her for something which was out of her control.

As Amadeus and Zara work at fixing their relationship, another tragedy strikes the Tudor family.  As they deal with the changes taking place in their lives, Zara receives some disturbing news from the police about the incident which had placed Amadeus in the hospital fighting for his life.  Determined to get away from danger, and give themselves a chance to deepen their relationship, Amadeus and Zara move to the Scotland to begin again.  

The scenes between Zara and Amadeus are well written and the ups and downs in their relationship are realistic.  While Amadeus is a gifted musician and is emotionally what you would expect of an artist, it's clear Zara is the emotionally mature partner and the glue which makes his life complete.  The secondary characters, mostly Amadeus' family and musical icon Peter McNicol, all contribute something important to the story.  

Will Zara and Amadeus ever discover who was behind the situation that almost took Amadeus life?  And will they have the family they both want?  You'll have to read Tudor Rubato to find out.

My Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Stars 

FTC Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Please be sure to leave a comment or question below for Jamie, as she will be awarding a copy of her book to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of the tour.   The next stop will be at Cozy Mysteries, Crazy Life, the blog of author Tamara Ward on Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  1. Good Morning Everyone!!
    Thank you for having me Marie and thank you for your honest, well written review of Tudor Rubato.
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  2. Sounds interesting! I like the cover. I will have to check this series out. Sounds right up my alley.

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    1. Thank you Nikki! I don't think you'll be disappointed! Yes, the cover is my fav out of all my covers!

  3. Congrats on the new release! Sounds fun :)

    1. Thank you Erin! I hope you'll give them both a try!