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I. O. Book Tours - A Practical Arrangement by Nadja Notariani

Welcome to my stop on Nadja Notariani's Book Tour for A Practical Arrangement.  Nadja was kind enough to prepare a guest blog for us today.  Please be sure to leave a comment or question below for her and fill out the Rafflecopter Form below to enter her giveaway.  


   Reading:  What Strikes Your Fancy

Authors' writing styles vary greatly.  It's a marvelous thing, really.  Avid readers browse broad and well-stocked shelves in today's online buying world.  Important to our satisfaction - as readers - is recognizing our tastes and preferences when it comes to our stories.  It boils down to asking yourself, 'Why Do I Read?  What Do I Hope To Gain From This Experience?'

When selecting a novel to read, I first assess my mood.  You may laugh – or you may completely understand.  At times, I want to immerse myself in a world of intrigue or suspense.  Other times, I want a lighthearted story to buoy my spirits.  And once in awhile, I simply wish to laugh and be entertained.  Am I eager to swoon over a brawny hero, or to bite my nails as I frantically try to figure out who did it?  Well...depends on which day you catch me...

My favorite authors tend to be descriptive, but not overly so.  I've never been able to enjoy Tolkien as my sister does.  His attention to minute details leads me astray from the story line.  I must note that fantasy is not a genre I gravitate toward; certainly this affects my opinions as well.  We each have a 'sweet-spot' when it comes to description.  Tolstoy is another writer who employs detailed settings and character mannerisms; however, I savor much within his novels and rarely become bogged down.

What is the determining factor which hails one story as deliciously detailed yet may decry another as downright drudgery?  For me, it is the experience.  Am I living the story with the characters?  If so, I feel their burgeoning love or trepidation, admire or disdain the scenes and events their eyes see, anticipate their happy outcome, laugh with them (or even at them), and mourn over their heartbreaks.  If not, I become mired amongst drab details that detract from 'getting-to-the-point'.

Romance is my absolute favorite genre to read!  There is no end to my love of all-things-romantic.  Despite my adoration of romance novels, I have my pet peeves.  We all do.  I cringe when a heroine continuously places herself in dangerous situations she has no business attempting.  I glower when a hero loves a woman enough to take her to his bed, but then denies any feelings deeper than sexual attraction.  And let's not make mention of instant attraction that fails to develop beyond the sexual. 

These are my preferences, and not necessarily those held by other readers.  Issues such as  I've discussed do not make a book 'bad', they simply do not fulfill what I seek when indulging in a novel.  And reading is an indulgence, should be an indulgence.  Why Do You Read?  What Do You Hope To Gain From Your Adventures Between The Pages?   
~ Nadja Notariani ♥


A Practical Arrangement
by Nadja Notariani

167 Pages

Release Date: September 4, 2012


· Amazon Kindle copy

Practical plans go awry when prim sensibilities unwittingly capture the heart of a scandalous seducer.

Miss Evangeline Grey, intelligent and sensible, has no desire to marry, her reluctance born from the dire warnings of her overly emotional mother.  Her father has other ideas, however, and decrees that unless she weds by the spring, he will choose a husband for her. 

Prim and proper Evangeline accepts her father's issue with little more than mild alarm.  Knowing herself plain of face and sharp of tongue, she believes herself capable of warding off any perspective suitor.  Her plan goes awry when the scandalous seducer, Mr. Thomas Masterson, visits her family's home, for Thomas has learned that he must procure a wife to receive his full inheritance. 

When he discovers Evangeline's predicament matches his own, Thomas determines to orchestrate a practical arrangement.  A war of wit and word results, and Thomas finds himself ever more beguiled by the soft heart he discovers under Miss Grey's stern, inhibited exterior.  Patiently, he endeavors to gain her respect and awaken her passions.  As tenuous trust blooms between the rake and the reluctant, unfortunate events – and Thomas' past reputation – threaten to destroy the peace and happiness he has found within the bonds of his Practical Arrangement.


Nadja Notariani was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania.  Her upbringing included very diverse environments, affording wide and varied richness of ethnic and religious tradition.  Raised in both an Italian/Mediterranean American home and a traditional German household, Nadja gleaned the unique benefits of viewing the world through two widely different lenses.
Nadja resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania, ever embracing new adventures with her husband, three sons and faithful German Shepherd.  She also boasts two grown daughters, who have flown the nest to pursue their own adventures.
Within her titles, readers can find romance and adventure, from contemporary to paranormal to historical, always with a happily-ever-after.  Nadja enjoys hearing from readers and can be found at her website, on Facebook, Goodreads, and at Romance Novel Center.  Readers are welcome to contact her via email.




A delightfully sweet historical romance, A Practical Arrangement, by Nadja Notariani, gives us the tale of an intelligent but quiet young woman who suddenly finds herself engaged to be married to a man known for his rakish ways.  With likable and well developed characters, sharp dialogue and plenty of drama, Ms. Notariani grabbed my attention from the first page and never let go.  Set during the time when women did not have many rights, and certainly not the right to choose their own futures, the author provides us with a heroine ahead of her time and a hero who's intrigued and challenged by her intelligence and strength of character.

Evangeline Grey is young, twenty two year old woman, who is loved by her family but is considered in danger of becoming a spinster.  While Evangeline has no intentions of getting married, her knowledge of men and marital relationships is limited, she's shocked to be given an ultimatum by her father - choose a husband before the next spring, or he will choose one for her.  An intelligent woman, Evangeline plans to be disagreeable to any man who comes near her in order to retain her freedom.  She just wasn't planning on a somewhat notorious rake suddenly deciding she'd make an excellent bride.

Thomas Masterson is young, rich and has avoided being responsible all of his life.  Confronted by his uncle, who just happens to be Evangeline's father's best friend, Thomas suddenly discovers he will not inherit the rest of his father's estate unless he's married.  A man known for his dalliances, suddenly Thomas finds himself in need of a wife; a woman he needs to respect who will be by his side for the rest of his life.  Encountering Miss Evangline Grey's disapproval, Thomas suddenly realizes she's intelligent, quietly attractive and possess a sharp wit.  While he hadn't planned on getting married, he's attracted to Evangeline and decides she'll do.

The scenes between Evangeline and Thomas are well written and showcase their verbal and mental chemistry.  While Evangeline has many reservations, Thomas is patient and willing to discover what's really behind her fears.  I really liked how Ms. Notariani developed the relationship between Evangeline and Thomas, while Evangeline is more somber and subdued in her behavior, she and Thomas are a good fit for each other - her strengths are some of Thomas's weaknesses and his strengths are just what Evangeline needs.

The secondary characters in this story are mostly relatives of both characters ranging from Evangeline's sister Melody, considered the family beauty, to Opal Grey, Evangeline's mother who's somewhat of a prima donna in need of a good take down.  While there are no villains per se, there are plenty of gossips and at least one woman who had hoped to snatch Thomas for herself.

Will Evangline and Thomas realize their practical arrangement has become much more than they both ever hoped?  Or will Thomas's past get in the way of their future happiness?  You'll have to read A Practical Arrangement to find out.  I enjoyed it and I think you will too.


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