Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States which day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Formerly known as "Decoration Day", it's a holiday that began after the U.S. Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers. Southern ladies' organizations and southern schoolchildren had decorated Confederate graves in Richmond and other cities during the Civil War, but each region had its own date. Most dates were in May. By the 20th. Century, Memorial Day had been extended to remember all Americans who have died in the service of their country.

On June 28, 1968 the US Congress passed the "Uniform Holiday's Bill" which moved four holidays, including Memorial Day, from their traditional celebratory date (Memorial Day had previously been celebrated on May 30th) to the last Monday in May and also changed the name of the holiday from "Decoration Day" to Memorial Day.

Many observe Memorial Day by visiting graveyards and decorating the gravestones of their fallen loved ones. It is tradition to hang the U.S. Flag on your home at half mast from dawn to Noon when the flag is then flown fully open. Many families also use this time as a chance to get together, remember loved ones and have a picnic.

In remembrance of this day, and my own families lost loved ones. I will be awarding a pair of "Patriotic Earrings" like the one's below:

The Earrings will have Nickle Free Hypo Allergenic Ear wires

To Enter The Contest:

Simply Comment Below on what you are doing this Memorial Day 2012.  Contest open to US and Canada only.  Contest will be open until Friday June 1, 2012.


  1. I love those earrings. Very pretty. I'm doing laundry, cleaning house and reading. Hubs has to work today. :(


  2. Happy Menorial Day! We will be spending the day at the hubby's aunts house out on the island today. Pretty earnings.

  3. We'll be having a BBQ.


  4. Happy Memorial Day to you!

    My daughter and I went to my parents house, where we also saw a parade. Then we just hung around, relaxed, grilled dinner. It was a nice relaxing day :) Now I am home and back to web-work!

    On a side note, I wish I could leave comments on all your buttons over there >>>. Woooo doggy, there are some hot ones!

    I'm going to share this post! It's a wonderful giveaway!


  5. Great post!!! Besides celebrating my daughters 19th bday. I am stalking my favorite blogs =)

  6. My Dad and my son both served, so we always have a big family party. This year, my son announced that I will be a first time Grandma in November. Truly a day to feel blessed.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com