Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Joys of Reading In Bed on Sunday

I love Sundays, while I do get up early to fix breakfast and attend church, I always come back home with lunch and then I curl up in bed, under a blanket and read.  Sometimes I read on the kindle, sometimes it's a print book, it doesn't really matter because nothing is better than being able to read and then if I need a short nap - I can do that too.  What are your plans for today?

I've just started reading The Price of Temptationby Lecia Cornwall, it's pretty good so far.  

Once wed to England’s most notorious turncoat . . .

Lady Evelyn Renshaw can ignore the disgrace her former husband has brought down upon her. She can even disregard the accusations. But when her life is threatened because of his actions, she realizes a stiff upper lip won’t be enough to keep her safe. So she hires a new footman powerful enough to protect her . . . only to find herself shamelessly intoxicated by his breathtaking masculinity.

Captain Sinjon Rutherford is no footman . . . but there are those who believe him a traitor. The only way to prove his innocence is by playing the part of elegant Lady Evelyn’s servant in order to infiltrate her home and uncover the truth about her suspicious relations. Yet what seems at first an easy deception is anything but, once he meets his alluring new employer and discovers just how tempting a woman in charge can be . . .

Because sometimes passion hides in plain sight.

So what are your Sunday plans?

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