Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Singapore Fling- A Review

Author:        Rhian Cahill

Genre:           Erotic Novella (M/F) Ebook

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     Carly Simmons has lusted after her boss for six months. Throwing caution to the wind while on a business trip in Singapore, she suggests a fling. When Saxon takes her up on her offer, Carly gets far more than the conservative businessman she’s expecting.

Saxon Grant is definitely up for a weekend of red-hot sex, but once he gets his hands on Carly he knows a couple of days will never be enough. Months of wanting her explode into a weekend of tangled sheets and twisted emotions.

And after one wild weekend, these two hearts will never be the same.
My Review: 
     This is a hot novella and the two characters are smoking hot. 
Carly is a woman who wears conservative business suits to the office but underneath that is a very sexual woman.  She's very honest in both her business life and her personal life.  She also happens to be physically attractive. 
Saxon is a very smart and savvy businessman.  He's physically attractive and goes after what he wants.  He has usually dated women that are school teacher types but has secretly been lusting after Carly for months.
The sex is hot in this book and there are some light BDSM characteristics in that Grant is very much a dominant personality and isn't as into straight vanilla sex as Carly thought.
I really enjoyed reading this novella and it has just become available for download at Amazon, and at a great price.  I hope that someday the author comes back to visit these characters as they are an enjoyable couple.
My Rating:      5 out of 5 Stars
FTC Disclosure:  I was given this book for review purposes.  No financial remuneration was involved.

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  1. Thanks for the review.
    I'm glad you liked Singapore Fling. And I have to say Saxon is one of my favorite characters.