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A Review/ Addiction/ Lynne Logan/ Red Sage Publications

Title:  Addiction
Author:  Lynne Logan
Publisher:  Red Sage Publishing
Genre:  Menage (M/F/M)
Publication Date:  2009
eBook ISBN:  978-1603103107
Length:  Novella
Format:  eBook

Book Blurb: 

Desperate to locate her sister, Holly Donovan steps through the door of one of Phoenix’s infamous sex clubs. But within the club’s walls, Holly finds herself enticed by the blatant desire and the raw sexuality of a masked stranger.

Carlos Hernandez is at the club to get an in-depth story for the local newspaper and has no intention of participating in any sex games, but he doesn’t count on getting caught up in his own desire or the woman who spurs a myriad of sexual fantasies. Dare he let those fantasies turn into a reality, and if he does, will his career ruin it all?

My Review: 

This is a very interesting book dealing on how sex can become an addiction in a very short period of time.  It was very well done and I enjoyed reading it.  The sex was very hot and is front and center from the start.

The main character of Holly is interesting, we get no history of her at all in the beginning of the story but we do begin to see glimpses of her life through the story and by the end of the story, we know part of what drives Holly.  Holly goes to this exclusive club because she is looking for her younger sister, who has a completely different lifestyle and lives by a different code.  She believes that her sister is in some kind of trouble but it is while she is at this exclusive Sex club that Holly has to face some facts about her own life.  Her question becomes, can she have sex without emotional involvement.

The main male character, Carlos, is interesting also in that he is there because he's a reporter and wants to do a story on this club.  Yet, it is while he is in the club and takes part of the activities that he too faces some hard facts about himself.  He soon realizes that he is both attracted to and in a strange way addicted to Holly.  He comes to care for her in a very traditional and somewhat dominant way.

Neither Holly or Carlos planned to take part in any of the activities in the club but circumstances gave them an opportunity that neither one was willing to turn down.  This eventually led to both of them realizing things about themselves and about each other.  There was a good ending to the story and the loose factors were dealt with in a very satisfactory manner (Holly's sister Valerie and the newspaper story).  I was very satisfied with the ending of the story and will definitely be reading more work from this author.

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure:  The reviewer purchased this book for review.  No other remuneration was involved.

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