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Book Blitz & #Giveaway for Yielding Pleasure by Gayle Parness


Welcome to my stop on the Book Blitz, presented by IndieSage Promotions, for Yielding Pleasure by Gayle Parness.  Please leave a comment or question for Gayle to let her know you stopped by.  You can enter her tour wide giveaway, for a $25 Amazon GC, by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.   

Blitz: Yielding to Pleasure by Gayle Parness
Yielding to Pleasure 
Publication Date: 17 June 2015 
Genres: ParanormalRomance
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About the book:

Matteo, a street theta from Brooklyn, NY has kept his neighborhood clear of supernatural criminals for the past five years. Ten years ago, demons killed his father and kidnapped his sister, Bella. Now he's sworn to find his sister and avenge his father.

Anne, an escaped troupe theta, is hiding out in Manhattan, hunted by The Director’s soldiers and barely surviving. After a brutal attack, she’s shocked to find herself in the apartment of a sexy Latino street theta determined to nurse her back to health. Somehow she has to keep her identity a secret or else both their lives will be in danger.

Gene is now the leader of the rebellion against The Director’s tyranny, recruiting new thetas and struggling with the choices he's forced to make. When Matteo and Anne need his help, he does his best to convince them to become part of his team. But when a former enemy tries to form an alliance, and a trusted friend goes behind his back, his long-term plans begin to collapse.

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“C'mon, I'll show you how.”

Anne wasn't sure this was a good idea. Matteo had pulled her so close to his body she could feel every lean muscle pressed against her own. His glorious scent melted all her defenses.

“That's it. Relax.” He smiled at her.

God, that dimple.

They moved together, but she was still resisting him. “I lead, you follow,” he insisted.

She stopped, pushing him away. “I can’t dance like this. I'm used to...I'm an independent kind of dancer.” She and the rest of the troupe danced during rehearsals and shows, but that was lyrical style movements, not this sexy Latin stuff.

“No kidding.” He chuckled, his mouth open and so close to hers, she could almost taste his breath.

Anne had been in his tiny apartment for almost an entire week and most of her waking hours had been spent imagining how his kisses would taste, or what his hands would feel like on her bare skin. She'd never had these kinds of fantasies before. In her experience, male attention brought only pain.

She should leave. In fact, she should have left two days ago.

“Close your eyes, mami.” He brushed his hand in front of her face and she complied. It was easy to trust him.

She frowned. “You called me Mommy?”

He laughed again. “No chaquita, I said mami.” He spelled it out.

“What do all these words of yours mean, anyway?” He swayed to the side, taking her with him. It felt amazing.

“Chaquita means young woman or girl.”

“And mami?”

“It means baby.” His grin was impish.

“You talk to me like I'm a child?”

“No, no. It's like a guy saying, ‘Baby, you're sexy.’ You are muy sexy, mami. Very sexy.”

“Oh.” She could only whisper the word, incapable of saying more.

She’d opened her eyes again, but he spread his large hand over them very gently.  

“Keep them shut. Good.” He’d slid one of his hands down to her hip, so perfect as it rested there. “Now feel how our bodies fit together, how they move together.” He swirled his hips and Anne's followed. Matteo turned gracefully so her back nestled against his front. He pulled her even closer, taking a few steps forward, then back. 

One of his arms now circled her waist, his hand splayed across her belly, his other hand weaving long fingers with hers.

He was so gentle, so careful. Were there really males who treated females as if they were precious? In movies and books maybe, but never for her.
Books in Theta Series

"Playing with Passion" is free at ibooks, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobo.

About Gayle Parness

Growing up in Los Angeles contributed to Gayle's love of all things fantasy and science fiction, particularly movies, books, and live theatre. She's worked for many NYC community theatre companies over the years and has been writing Young Adult fantasy novels non-stop for the last five years. Gayle's current projects include finishing up book two in her new adult paranormal romance Theta Series: "Yielding to Pleasure." Book One, "Playing with Passion" released on April 15th. This summer will be all about the second book in the Triad Series, and in the fall, Gayle should have some time to attack another Rogues Shifter book. She's so pleased to share her stories with so many wonderful readers. If you ever have a chance, an honest review at any of the vendors would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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