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Spotlight & Guest Post for Awakening Her Desires by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Welcome to my stop on the Spotlight Tour, presented by Wickedly Innocent Promotions, for Awakening Her Desires by Cassidy O'Connor.  Please leave a comment or question for Cassidy to let her know you stopped by.

The Allure of Magic and Romance in Fiction by Cassidy K. O’Connor

Books are hope. They are hope that the human spirit is strong enough to survive anything. They are hope that our soul mate is out there. Without magic and romance our lives would be a little less bright. For each person it is different and a very personal journey.

With each page I flip through I become more entranced with the hero of the story. He’s not perfect but damn near it. He loves his woman and will fight anyone who disparages her. Don’t even get me started on the sex! They have the bodies of gods and know exactly how she wants to be pleasured.  While I understand it’s not real and an unrealistic description of the average relationship it detracts nothing from my desire to read as many of these books as possible.

Why is that? Is it because I am single and haven’t gotten laid in a year or maybe I’m in a loveless marriage looking for an escape? Neither could be further from the truth, I am actually very happily married to a man who loves me with every fiber of his being.
I think most women are very satisfied with their love life and still have a raging desire to read romance novels. As humans we want to be loved, chased after, desired and maybe even wanted by more than one man.

There are days where I’ve worked all day in my day job, run home to grab kids and go to their baseball game for three hours, grab a quick bite to eat and go home to do household chores. By the time we crawl into bed it takes everything we have to reach over and grope a body part let alone get something started.

Books though…are always there for us regardless of how bad my day was or how many errands I had to run. When I am bone weary of my life I can escape into a book and enjoy knowing these wicked men who know exactly how to make me orgasm are there ready to entertain me. Does this mean I don’t love my life and want someone else’s? Absolutely not, I love my family and would do anything for them.

Human beings are complex creatures that require more than just what one person can give us. This is why we have lots of friends and family and take turns spending time with them. It is too much for one person to be everything we need. Books give us that little extra something we need to live a satisfied life. I feel sorry for non-readers, what a slightly duller life they must live.

Keara lives a peaceful life with her faery clan in the hills of Ireland. She is nearing her coming of age ceremony where she is to choose her mate for life. Her instincts are telling her that she is meant for more than this simple life.

A chance encounter in a nearby human town reveals another clan to Keara. The Laochra Gra are faery women who have sworn allegiance to Queen Cliodhana. They use magic and seduction to protect human's from falling prey to the evil Lianhan Shee. Any man who falls for the Lianhan Shee will die a horrific death. The Loachra Gra must pair these men with their soul mates before that can happen.

Will Keara do what is expected of her by her clan or join up with the Laochra Gra to save mankind?

** This is the Prequel to the Love's Protector Series. Books 1 and 2 are already out!
***This is an 18+ Erotic novella***


I open the door and can’t help the giggle that escapes.

“Um Mom, I don’t think we have enough food.”

The look on her face when she sees how many women have shown up is awesome. I am pleased to see Sarah and her mother at the front of the line. They hand mom a plate of brownies and look back at the crowd gathered behind them.

“We had a feeling this would be popular so we told the elders we needed the hall for another practice run. How about we move this party over there?”

A few of the women push in and start grabbing the food and drinks we had set out. A short walk later, we have everything laid out in the hall. As people are grabbing food and drinks, I take a minute to count. There are thirty two women of varying ages. I don’t understand why so many are here.

Mom shushes everyone and asks us all to sit.

“I must say, when I planned this meeting I only expected it to be Keara and a few of her friends. I hope we all can share our knowledge and maybe learn something as well. Would anyone like to start?”

Glenna, one of the clan elders, stands up.

“When my Samuel was alive, he loved it when I shaved his balls.”

There is quite a bit of sputtering and choking from around the room.

“That’s not all, he also liked to suck my toes.”

“Well, thank you, Glenna, for jumping right in. Maybe we should start with a more general topic and work our way into the details.”

Glenna shrugs and sits back down.
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Author Bio:

Cassidy K O'Connor is a born and raised Floridian who loves to travel but never forgets where her roots are. She married her high school sweetheart, they have 3 kids and a crazy dog. Travelling and reading are her two favorite hobbies. Cassidy loves all things Ireland and has been lucky enough to visit twice. Her first book 'The Evolution of Sam' was published August of 2014 and she has plans for many more.

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