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Virtual Blog Tour & Giveaway for Hooked - The Hunted by K.C. Falls

Welcome to my stop on K.C. Falls Blog Tour for Hooked, The Hunt.  Please leave a comment or question for K.C. to let her know you stopped by.  K.C. will be offering a set of the entire Year of the Billionaire trilogy for each blog stop (winner chosen from comments be sure to leave your email address with your comment) and also a grand prize of a KINDLE FIRE.

Hooked - The Hunt
by K.C. Falls

Publisher: K.C. Falls
Release Date: July 27, 2013

Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: 142 Pages

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Book Description: 

Two people, an ocean, a big fish and a small monkey. She doesn't trust herself and he can't remember when he trusted anyone.
(Lara) A spoiled man-whore was a bad idea even for a girl who majored in bad ideas. It was the monkey's fault I didn't take my own advice. Mrs. Dalloway caught me way off guard. She stripped him down to his bare humanity and wouldn't let me throw a blanket over that naked soul. Everything he did was contradicted by all that he was. The little white-faced princess on his shoulder never missed a chance to point that out. Mrs. D was a shameless charmer but honest to her bones. She forced me to look at the truth of him until the reality of Morgan had me hooked.

(Morgan) I agreed too quickly. I thought she'd be a punctured, tatted up, street-smart bitch with the kind of balls it took to hang in a major league pressure cooker of a go-to South Beach restaurant. The only thing I guessed right about was the 'nads. She had 'em but the package was all wrong. There were waves where I expected spikes, soft where I was looking for hard. Then she schooled me about dear dad's precious art collection and I realized street wasn't her only kind of smart. Mrs. D--who knows every wart on my blemished spirit--surprised me with a rare nod of approval. It's usually a good idea to listen when your best friend has something to say. Even if your best bud is a monkey.

Hooked (The Hunt) is a new adult romance that unfolds in a trilogy, each featuring a high energy adventure that escalates Lara and Morgan's relationship with physical and emotional challenges. It is intended for mature readers due to explicit content and language.

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About the Author:

The 'C' in my name stands for Cheyenne. Although you wouldn't know it by looking at me, I have a great grandparent who was a member of that Native American Tribe. Her  people once lived in the very southeastern corner of Montana where I now make my home. I didn't always live in such a wide open space, though. I grew up in New York City. Much as I love the city and admire what it takes to live there, I met a kindred spirit at Columbia University and together, we found a way to take our lives from the Big Apple to the Big Sky. We haven't regretted a moment.

We've got a smallish ranch where we raise cattle and keep a menagerie of other animals, too. Once or twice a year, we hire a 'ranch sitter' and take an urban vacation somewhere hitting all the restaurants, plays, museums and musical performances we can squeeze in. Then it's back to the wide open.

A writer finds creativity flourishes in solitude. My fantasy world is full of characters and stories lined up and waiting for me to bring them to life. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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