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Virtual Book Tour, Interview & Giveaway - Seducing Avery by Barb Han

Welcome to my stop on Barb Han's Virtual Book Tour for Seducing Avery.  Please make sure to leave a comment or question below for Barb to let her know you stopped by.  Barb will be awarding a $10 or Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. You can follow her tour stops here, the more often you comment, the better your odds of winning.  My review will post separately on Friday afternoon. 


Interview with Barb Han 

Me: Your first published book "Seducing Avery" is a lighthearted romance, while your second book "Gone", which releases January 11, 2013, is a suspenseful book dealing with the theft of a child Both books have been/will be released this month. How difficult was it to have two such different books going through the publication process at the same time?

Barb: Hello, and thanks so much for hosting me today. Luckily, the process was easy. Even though their release dates are close, the publishers worked on different production schedules. Now, promotion is a different story. That’s becoming interesting. :-)
Me: How long have you known you were a "writer"? Who have been your biggest influences on your writing?

Barb: I knew early on. Words were magical to me from the time I figured out what they were. This will surely box me into the dork file, but I used to read the dictionary as if it were a novel. A love affair that strong could only end up in one place.
Me: What is a typical day in "the life" for you?

Barb: Good question. I’m up early. I get the kids out the door for school and head to my home office on weekdays. I work until bedtime most days, breaking for carpool, dinner, and evening exercise. I work seven days a week, but I take time every day and on weekends to connect with my family. The kids grow up too fast not to. When I’m not working, I can usually be found on or around a basketball court.

Me: Please tell us what inspired you to write "Seducing Avery". Is Avery based on anyone you know?

Barb: I think I’m required by marital law to say my husband inspired Ryker’s character. In truth, Ryker is his own man. I’m fascinated with people, real and imagined, but I don’t base characters on people in the real world. I try to keep those spaces separate.

Me: Dyslexia is a cause near and dear to your heart. Please tell us about your involvement in the cause and what you think we all need to know about this issue.

Barb: It is. Thank you so much for asking about it. I want to spread the word and help people understand what it is. When we know, we can change lives. And it only takes one person to figure it out. I call it the power of one. Estimates range between 5-10% of kids are affected, so it’s significant. Early intervention is critical to helping these kids. All it takes is one person to figure it out. My junior high son is dyslexic. I’ve seen his struggles and his ultimate success because we didn’t give up. We kept working until we figured out why he couldn’t read. Now, I want to help other kids. I hope it’s okay to mention my Web site. People can learn more by visiting

Me: What else can we expect to see from "Barb Han" the writer in 2013? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now as a writer?

Barb: Oh, good questions. More books in 2013. I’ll have another Asian Billionaire story coming out. I can’t wait to share Daegen and Rae’s story. He’s wealthy, powerful, and gorgeous as sin. In fact, he has it all. Except the one thing he truly wants: Rae Stevens, the woman who walked away from their intensely passionate affair three years ago. I also have a couple of intense, high action romantic suspense stories in the works, so look for announcements on those as well. In five years, I hope to continue writing stories people identify with and want to read. There’s nothing better than receiving a letter from someone who tells you she didn’t get her house cleaned because she couldn’t put your book down.

Quick Get To Know You Questions

Favorite Pizza Topping? Cheese. Does that count?

Boots, Heels or Sneakers? Sneakers. I never know when I’m going to end up on a basketball court in a pickup game.

Favorite Movie? Oh, this is a tough one. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Gladiator.

Beer, Wine or Soda? Wine. Definitely wine. Unless we’re talking a hot summer day in Texas, then beer.

What Are You Currently Reading? I’m in between books. I just finished a fantastic debut novel by Jerrie Alexander called The Green-Eyed Doll. I couldn’t put it down.


Seducing Avery 
by Barb Han

Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press 
Release Date: October 1, 2012

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 105

ISBN: 978-1-612176-26-0

Buy Links:

Kindle            All Romance eBooks 


Avery McAdams believes in order to truly be herself she needs to keep her head down, her guard up and her focus on her career. Until she’s hired by sexy, charismatic Ryker Li to pull off the event of the century, and he shows up personally to convince her to handle his next party. When she meets him face-to-face, she realizes a piece of her wants him to see her as attractive, which goes against everything she’s convinced herself she believes.

Rich, powerful Ryker has made an art form of getting what he wants, when he wants it, and then moving on. But something about Avery makes him want to stick around.

When he finds everything he never dreamed to look for in a woman, can the billionaire playboy commit to the biggest deal of all? Or will a lifetime of mistrust and suspicion turn them forever into rivals?


"When you despise something, you'd be surprised at what you're willing to do to avoid it." She picked up the blanket, noticing how the air in the room had gone thin. Avery couldn't swallow. Her throat dried up and her stomach quivered. Being near this man made her pulse thump at the base of her throat. Because when his gaze landed hard on hers, it spoke pure sex.

Thick, sooty lashes framed the most intoxicating shade of exotic brown eyes. His high cheekbones framed hard planes on his face, anchoring perfectly full, perfectly formed lips.

Looking at those lips almost made her forget he thought himself too important to attend the charity event he lent his name to. She quirked an eyebrow at him, curious as to why he really stood here in her office? After all, he'd been too busy or too good to show last night. Then again, why would a man like him waste an evening on orphans when he could have any supermodel he wanted at his side, and in his bed?

Coffee. She needed caffeine. She gripped the Styrofoam cup and took a sip.

His thick lips curled. "What is it now?"



Barb Han lives in North Texas with her husband, has three beautiful children, a spunky Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix, and too many books to count.

When she’s not writing, researching, or otherwise getting lost in a story, she volunteers at her children’s school, is in the kitchen ‘creating’ dinner, or can be found on or around a basketball court.

Writing contemporary romance and romantic suspense has been a dream come true for Barb—something she’s wanted to do for as long as she can remember. She left her corporate job, at her husband’s urging, and has been happily playing with her imaginary friends ever since.

In her down time, she plays video games and loves reading with her children. She also enjoys traveling with her family. Many of the places she visits end up in her books.


I'm on Facebook:

Twitter @BarbHanAuthor



Don't forget to leave a comment or question below for Barb to let her know you stopped by.  Barb will be awarding a $10 or Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. You can follow her tour stops here, the more often you comment, the better your odds of winning.


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