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Title:  Her Cowboy's Way
Author:  Starla Kaye
Genre:  Contemporary Western
Publication Date:  November 8, 2010
Print and eBook ISBN:  978-0-980224-67-2
Length:  154 Pages Print/127 Pages eBook
Format:  eBook
Heat/Other:  M/F Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Spanking

Book Description: 

Brandi has known Colby Pennington for most of her life and has loved him almost as long. Getting married, though, is a serious matter. The whole love, honor, and obey thing might be more than she can handle.

Marriage is about an equal partnership, not having to follow anyone else’s rules. It is about having someone there whenever and wherever you want sex. Brandi is definitely okay with that part, especially with her sinfully handsome cowboy.

But the obey issue, that Colby intends to take care of her in all ways—including occasionally warming her bottom…Well, it could be a deal breaker.

Her Cowboy's Way is A Black Velvet Seductions three fans read. It includes explicit description of sexual activity between hero and heroine. This book includes spanking.

My Review: 

This is the first book that I've read from this publisher and I was very pleased with the quality of the book production.  This book is part of what they call their Romantic Domestic Discipline line, this is not BDSM in any way, shape or form, though spanking is an element. 

This story began with Brandi Dalton and Colby Pennington's wedding, when Brandi begins having second thoughts about agreeing to marry a man who wants her to agree to "obey" him in the traditional sense of marriage and who she has agreed can "discipline" her by spanking her when she does things that are foolish, dangerous or bad for their marriage. Brandi is an interesting main character; she's twenty-six, has just finished getting her masters degree and is physically very attractive. Emotionally though, Brandi, is still somewhat adolescent, she makes impulsive decisions, has trouble being honest all of the time and really doesn’t want to take on too many responsibilities that could interfere with having fun. She’s also somewhat spoiled having grown up with a successful father, who has indulged her to a point, and because of a large inheritance that she has received.

Colby Pennington is an interesting lead character. His best friend is Brandi’s brother, Daniel, and he’s known Brandi almost all of her life. He’s also ten years older, owns his own successful ranch and is considered to be quite the catch in town. He is an Alpha type male who wants to be in charge but at the same time is willing to trust and respect his partner and love her with all of his heart. No one was more surprised when he fell for Brandi. Colby is determined to have a successful marriage and he knows many of Brandi’s issues, so he’s very honest and frank about what he expects from her and their marriage. Colby explains he believes in spanking and asks Brandi to agree to setting boundaries in their marriage and accept domestic discipline understanding he would never abuse her; she has to agree to trust him.

The scenes between Brandi and Colby are very well done. Their story is basically told in chapters that highlight different situations that occur during their first year of marriage. While there were times I wasn’t completely comfortable with Colby and the domestic discipline, Brandi was a constant challenge in their relationship. She got easily bored, ignored her health (she’s pre-diabetic and eats an entire box of chocolates) and occasionally tried to hide things from Colby. There was however a lot of love, a lot of sex and overall it was clear that Colby loved Brandi and wanted to make sure she was in his life for a long time. They truly loved and trusted each other.

This is the first book that I’ve read by Starla Kaye, and it won’t be the last. I was very pleased with the author’s writing style and while there were some scenes where I was a bit squeamish, overall this story held my attention from start to finish. I also enjoyed visiting the author’s website which provided me with her outlook and definition of domestic discipline.  

My Rating:  4 of 5 Stars

FTC Disclosure:  The reviewer won this book in a contest from the publisher.


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